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About the Author 
The Reverend Fay Kathleen Trevino (Kathy)

I am a graduate of The University of Texas at Tyler, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in English (“with honors”) and a 1994 graduate of Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary, with a Masters of Divinity degree (Janie Maxwell Morris Fellow).  I am now a retired Presbyterian (P.C.U.S.A.) pastor. I worship at Central Presbyterian Church, Austin, Texas and work as a spiritual advisor and writer.

     Journalism, Theater Arts, and Creative Writing have been at the heart of my college training, various jobs, professions, and hobbies. Leading spiritual studies, enjoying music and singing are great passions for me, as are baking bread, making chocolate chip cookies, and putting my feet in the Pacific Ocean. I am a sister of three, mother of three, grandmother of four and one among a great cloud of witnesses who pray for God's world and all its peoples.

I may be contacted at matrixofgrace@gmail.com

There’s eternity in sunrise
as it peeks through Womb of dark,
fully coming into colors
vibrant rich, and laser stark.

While the earth rocks in its cradle,
colors fade and day lights gloom,
stirring winds and constellations
for its creatures born to bloom.

Oh the Womb! And oh the promise!
Still abide though sight unseen,
birthing energy and structure
for the Rising Life between.

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