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Thursday, November 17, 2016

After a Trauma (126)
God of All Compassion,
            We offer our heartfelt gratitude for your hand upon _____ during the dreadful time of trauma and shock.  We thank you for the divine timing that brought her to see yet another day of life and ask that the same love and compassion that embraced her then will surround her now as she goes through its aftermath.  And we pray you will help her find some meaning from it within your grace and wisdom.  In Christ we pray. (126)

After a Fire (127)
O God our Refuge,
            We thank you for your saving mercies through those who fought the dreadful fire so valiantly.  We thank you for the ____ family's survival and pray for them at this time of the loss of their home and all they own.  As they start to rebuild their lives, rain your abundant blessings down upon them.  Stir friends and neighbors to acts of kindness and generosity and kindle a living hope within.  In the peace of Christ we pray. (127)
After a Communal Tragedy (128)
Gracious Sanctuary of Our Souls, 
            We are grateful that you bind us with strong spiritual ties within the human family so that we might bear one another’s burden in times of tragedy and anguish.  We believe that even in the deepest valley of the shadow of death, you are with your beloved children to bless and to mend shattered live.  Therefore, we lift up to you our brothers and sisters in _____ after the recent tragic events, especially _____ and her family as they begin to deal with the aftermath. May your cloud of grace continue to blow Spirit with healing and hope day by day.  With the tears of Jesus we pray. (128)

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