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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Times of Conflict (80)

Plumb Lie of Righteousness,
            Each of our stories is helping to write the Story of you with us, and none more powerfully than the stories of conflicts resolved through dialogue and understanding, forgiveness and amended ways of thinking and behaving. We pray now for _____ and _____ in conflict with each other that seems to have no way forward.  Be their Mediator, we pray, and draw them (and their allies) closer to a solution they both can agree to. In the Spirit of your love and fellowship we pray. (80)

For an Important Confrontation (81)

Shepherd of the Human Family,
            At times you lead us to keep silence and observe, but at other times you call us to speak the truth in love.  We pray that in the upcoming confrontation  _____ will be full of grace and truth as she seeks your guidance to choose her words carefully and to listen in love.  Keep her open to the transforming possibilities that this time offers to both her and _____ as together they seek a third way toward a deeper understanding of who they are and clearer insight into the bare essentials of the problem.  We pray in the name of Jesus, our light and our peace.  Amen.

Responsible for Another’s Death (82)

O LORD my God, I take refuge in you; save and deliver me from all who pursue me, or they will tear me like a lion and rip me to pieces with no one to rescue me.  Psalm 7:1-2

My God, My God,
            Your child _____ is desperately trying to find some peace with this hideous tragedy that leaves so much grief, so many tears in its wake.  He is the focus of terrible anger and great pity, and wonders who can blame them.  He knows that he cannot live that day over, and that what has happened cannot be changed.  Yet you, O Savior, can make a way where there is no way that he may eventually be able to forgive himself as you have forgiven him. Help him to find a way to learn how to live with this until he finds what he seeks in the enveloping arms of Jesus. In Christ's peace we pray. (82)

For Military Personnel (83)

O Shield and Glory of All Life,
            We are grateful for your strong hand of help and hope in all the positions and employment we undertake.  We ask your guiding hand to be upon _____, now serving our nation through military service in the _____.  Bless her as she undertakes her responsibilities and duties, and be with her as she (now must leave her family, goes overseas, assumes a new assignment, etc.).  May it be that she may find safety in times of danger, courage in times that require it, and a sense of your abiding presence with her wherever she may be or whatever she may be required to do.  In the name of your Word and Light, Jesus Christ we pray. (83)

Military Personnel at War (84)

Show the wonder of your great love, you who save by your right hand those who take refuge in you from their foes.  Keep me as the apple of your eye; hide me in the shadow of your wings.                                                                                               Psalm 17:7-8

Faithful God,
            When we are surrounded with those who seek to destroy our lives, you hide our souls in the refuge of your eternal wings, and we remember that your steadfast love will never let us go. We pray for _____ who is in circumstances both deadly and deadening.  Give her refuge in the shadow of your hovering Spirit. Guard and keep her going out and her coming in, and bless her with all she may need.  In Christ we pray. (84)

Return of a Soldier From War (85)

Welcoming Father,
            We have no words to express our gratitude that _____ has returned from her duties as a loyal _____ (soldier, officer, corpsman, etc.)  We thank you for her service to our country, faithful to her pledge to do her duty as she was required and expected to do.  Only you know the cost of that service to her heart and soul, her relationships with her family, and the inner scars she carries from her extended daily life within the theater of violence and death.  Help her now to lay down that weight which she no longer must bear, and bless her deeply as we wrap her in our healing love and gratitude for her service.  We pray in the name of your loyal Son, Jesus. (85)

For Military Families (86)

Rampart of Grace,
            Even in the worst times, we are called to trust that your good will and mercy shall prevail in this world you love so dearly.  We pray at this difficult time of departure for _____.  We ask your blessing on her and her family in her absence.  Grant them all comfort in the midst of anxiety, and peace in the face of fears.  And while she is in the dangerous fields of conflict, keep her safe and bring her home.  In Christ we pray. (86)

Leaving an Abusive Situation (87)

Harbor of Safety,
            We thank you for giving _____ the courage to claim sanctuary from her dangerous home life.  Continue to pour out your saving grace in abundance upon her and her children now.  Give her safety, guidance, and the wisdom that she seeks.  Lead her into greater self-understanding and self-love through the struggles of this new beginning, and let the light of Christ shine upon her every step of the way.  In Jesus we pray. (87)
For Those Betrayed (88)

Abiding Hope,
            In your compassion, you suffer with those who have been deceived and betrayed.  With confidence in your power to do what we cannot, we claim your abundant goodness for _____ in the coming weeks and months.  In grace and mercy, let your Spirit make a way through the darkness and pain.  Be her light and her strength, her guide and her comfort as she seeks your healing and peace.  In Christ we pray. (88)

For Those Who Have Betrayed (89)

Redeeming God,
            When we are mired in a web of lies, betrayal and unfaithfulness, in grace you lead us to repentance, forgive our sins, and restore us to right living. Your child, _____, now finds herself at your throne of judgment and mercy.  Quicken her spirit with forgiveness and resurrect her torn and bleeding relationship.  And restore the shattered trust between them toward healing and hope each day.  In Christ we pray. (89)
While on Trial (90-91)

Compassionate Judge,
            Our call is neither as judge nor jury, but only as companion on the way.  Be with our friend, _____, as she undergoes this time of judgment under the courts of law. Strengthen and encourage her, we pray.  Let your light shine upon her and speak your words of life and goodness, especially when despair descends and hope flickers.  Bless her in accordance with her needs and your great mercy.  Fill her with the grace of Jesus and feed her with the Bread of Heaven.  In Christ we pray. (90)

Eternal God,
            We are blessed to know your Spirit abides with us, especially when time seems to stop and spirits falter.  You help us remember that you are working out your good will and mercy through all of the circumstances of our days and that you are with us, no matter what.  Deeply bless ______ and her family as she goes through this time of trial.  Strengthen her, encourage her, and give her all she may need each day to persevere in faith, hope, and love.  In the Righteousness of Christ we pray. (91)

While in Prison (92-96)

Gracious God,
     You are the Redeemer of the whole world, and can help us find purpose and meaning in the darkest hours of our lives.  We pray for _____, who is caught in a very dark place and seeking your blessings.  We are grateful that she has a copy of your Word to read and ponder while incarcerated.  We are grateful for her faith that helps her turn to you and seek your guidance for each day.  Bless her with all that she may need each day. Remind her that there is a community of friends in Christ who are lifting him up to your tender care and grace. And give her peace and hope in the name of the One who taught us all to say:
            Our Father, who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name.  Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.  Give us this day our daily bread, and forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors.  And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.  For Thine is the Kingdom, and the Power, and the Glory forever.  Amen. (92)

Boundless One,
            Have mercy upon our friend, _____, who is now confined behind bars in hopelessness and despair.  Let your Spirit blow upon her each day that the light and peace of Christ may be her constant companion.  Whisper your goodness and hope that she may not just survive each day, but by abiding in your grace, be created anew.   In Christ the Savior of the world we pray. (93)

Great God of the Ages,
            Even when imprisoned behind bars from a past of destruction and mayhem, you are able to redeem our story into one of grace and hope. We ask your blessing upon _____ as she serves out her prison term.  Surprise her with gifts of grace and cause her to grow in faith and righteousness.  Send your agents of mercy to protect and bless her.  And heal her of all that would keep her from responding to you in thanksgiving and new life.  In Christ we pray. (94)

Fountain of All Blessing,
            You are the Source, Guide, and Goal of all that is, and you offer us strength and healing through your abiding Spirit. Abide with the _____ family at this time, especially with_____ as she struggles to recover sobriety and hope while imprisoned behind bars.  Let angels of mercy attend her and make her whole.  Bless her parents, her children, and all who love her as they conform their lives and their plans to accommodate her situation.  Help them all to persevere and give them good hope in Jesus.  In Christ we pray. (95)
Gracious God,
Your steadfast love and mercy are the roots from which we grow and the wings by which we soar in grace.  Even when we are burdened by our mistakes, our sins, and our inability to find a peaceful way through our temptations, you will not let us go.  You cling to us, when we feel we cannot cling to you, and you gently lead us to thoughts and behaviors that bring health and wholeness, so that we may be a blessing and not a curse, to those we love who also love and depend upon us.
We pray today for _____, sitting here in jail as he awaits his trial.  I pray that you will speak to him in the midst of the loneliness, anger, and pain he may be experiencing. Grant him the serenity to accept the things he cannot change, the courage to change those things he can that will lead to peace in his heart and peace for those he loves. And give him the wisdom to know the difference. In Christ we pray. (96)

For Families of Those in Prison (97)

Father God, Mother Love,
We thank you for your endless persistence in reminding us of who you are and the help and comfort you provide in the very worst of circumstances. We remember your mighty acts of gracious love, and so we lift up to you the _____  family, now torn apart while _____ is in prison. We ask that you will bless them with all they may need each day.  And I pray for the _____ family, that your amazing grace may transform their life together.  Give them vision and insight about who they are and who you intend them to be.  Fill their hearts with the unending peace of Christ, that they may follow Jesus toward new beginnings, new hope, and a new life built on trust and confidence in your eternal love and faithful care and one another.  In Christ we pray.  (97)

Keeping On (98-115)

O Life-Stirring God,
            Your eternal grace engulfs us in your great love and harbors us safely.  And even as the storms of life howl around us, you quietly teach us wisdom and trust.  Continue to shelter our dear _____ and teach her what you would have her learn today.  Shine the light of Christ upon any darkness of heart or spirit.  And bless her with all she may need as she prays each day, “Thy will be done.”  In Christ we pray. (98)

O Generous Heart,
            You give us light in our darkness, comfort in our anxiety, and hope for our tomorrows.  We pray that your abundant Spirit will be upon _____ in this time of crisis and uncertainty.  Let the light of Christ shine upon her and all those who wait with her.  Bless them with all they may need to meet this day with the peace that is ours through Jesus, our Savior.  In Christ we pray. (99)

O Well of Hope,
            We seek your soothing blessings when we are weak and fearful.  And we thirst for the Living Waters of your saving grace in times of spiritual drought and hopelessness.  Spring up again within the soul of your dear child _____.  As she wanders in a dry, deserted place of despair, let your Spirit drench her and her waiting family with blessing. Give them strength, wisdom and courage and lead them all in Christ's light. (100)

Ever-Watchful God,
            From our mothers’ womb to the cradle of our grave, you are near, upholding and leading, forgiving and healing, strengthening and transforming. We thank you for the countless ways you have blessed your child, _____, through the years with your faithful care.  Help her now to rest secure in your presence as she goes through these troubling times, and lead her to the green pastures awaiting her.  In Christ we pray. (101)

God of Abounding Compassion,
            When we are weary, you give us rest. When we are sinking, you set our feet on solid ground. When we are stumbling, you hold us steady.  When we are helpless, you reach out your saving hand.  In your mercy hear our prayer for _____ at this time.  Touch her with the soothing balm of Christ's peace and your Spirit's power that she may find her every need fulfilled in you.  Amen. (102)

Saving God,
            Make your face to shine upon _____ to be a deep and healing blessing. May she know with St. Patrick:  "Christ within her.  Christ behind her.  Christ before her. Christ beside her. Christ to comfort and restore her.  Christ beneath her. Christ above her. Christ in quiet. Christ in danger.  Christ in hearts of all that love and care for her."  Bind her to you and give her good hope in Christ. Amen (103)

O God our Refuge,
            Your love and faithfulness are eternal, and your mercy is from everlasting to everlasting.  In love and mercy, bless our dear _____ at this time of struggle and worry.  Give to her all she may need to endure whatever is to be.  Lead her, uphold her, and strengthen her shaky faith.  Let the light of Christ shine brightly upon her and grant her deep pools of his peace each step of the way.  We ask for his sake and in his name. (104)

Author and Preserver of Life,
            We are grateful that our days are sustained by your grace and nurtured by your Spirit’s touch.  Hear us as we pray for our dear _____, who is bowed down with the weight of many concerns and problems.  Lift her heart and strengthen her resolve to meet this day in faith and trust.  Sustain her according to your good will, and help her to rest confidently in the light and peace of Christ.   In Jesus' name we pray. (105)

Bread of Heaven,
            Grant you tender mercies to our dear, _____.  Let your Spirit waft around her like the aroma of a freshly baked loaf, filling in the chasms of fear and hopelessness and giving her the courage to go on.  Do not let her eyes grow dim with despair, but nurture her with hope in your renewing power.  In Christ we pray. (106)

O Breath of Life,
            Your grace rocks us gently to the unbroken rhythm of your eternal love.  And as your mercy flows around us in a gentle healing balm, we are born anew.  We ask a deep and steady strength for _____, now and in the coming days.  In mercy, shelter her body, nourish her soul, and grant her confidence for the next step of her journey.  And line her path with lilies from the fields of your peace and joy.  In Christ we pray. (107)

God of Miracles,
            In Thy goodness and mercy, even the harshest circumstances of our days are transformed from causes for despair into deep wells of praise and holy living. And so when courage falters and desperation nips at our heels, when hope is hidden amidst the tangle of our wills with Thine, we make bold to pray, "Have Thine own way."  In mercy bless thy child, _____ as she seeks Thy will, and grant her Thy peace.  In Christ we pray. (108)

God of Endless Miracles,
            We thank you for the wondrous power of your eternal grace that carries us from a parched and weary place to the waters of hope. We ask your power to flood over our dear _____, O Living Waters, to give her the strength and courage she craves.  As she drinks in the vitality and joy that your love provides, sate her fully.  Then kindle a fierce hope within her through your Spirit’s hovering presence and grant her peace in Christ. (109)

God Our Pilot,
            At your behest the gale winds blow and the great storms fill the seas. We ask you to bless our friend, _____, as she treads the treacherous waters of this perilous time.  Buoy her with the knowledge of your abiding love and give her safe passage.  Let her see the beacon of your light along the rocky shoals of her daily tribulations.  And keep her tethered to Jesus, who will bring her to safe harbor.  In Christ we pray. (110)

Compassionate God,
            Your mercy is from everlasting to everlasting for all you have called into life.  We ask your tender mercies upon _____ and _____ at this difficult time of life.  In distress be their comfort, in weakness be their strength, in pain be their surcease, in unknowing be their light, and in darkness be their guide.  Whatever each day may bring, we ask that courage, trust, and joy may be the song they sing through your Spirit’s power.  In Christ we pray. (111)

Gracious Sower of Life,
            As you scatter seeds of grace throughout our days, you call us to change and grow that you may reap a harvest of goodness in us and through us.  We thank you for the goodness that your grace that is bringing _____ during this difficult season.  Continue to give her the will and courage to persevere in trust and hope.  Bless her as she offers her love and service others, and lead her always in the path of Jesus.  In Christ we pray. (112)

O Sovereign God,
            Your steadfast love is the fount of all blessings even in the midst of all of the turmoil, changes, and challenges of our lives.  We pray you to continue to lead and guide _____ in the midst of her troubles and chaos.  Give her all that she may need for this day to “keep on keeping on” in integrity and wisdom.  And in your mercy bless her with the light of your face shining upon her each day.  In Christ we pray. (113)

Gracious God,
            How marvelous to know the wonder of your amazing grace pouring out upon us each day, especially on our sister, _____, as she continues to go through a very rough time.  We thank you for the places of recovery and the people with healing skills that have helped bring her though thus far.  By your Spirit, give her the perseverance, and courage to slow down and take better care of herself.  And grant her the profound and healing peace of Christ, in whose name we pray. (114)

Hope of the Weary,
The burden of our grief is overwhelming, and yet with your Spirit surrounding us, we find comfort to sustain and strength us.  You are the source of energy and vitality we need to help us journey on in our sorrow-strewn pathways.  And so we pray now for you dear child _____, needing you to raise her spirits and lift her hopes, until once again she finds quiet streams of joy and meadows of peace.  In Christ we make this prayer.  (115)

When God is Silent (116-117)

O God of Mystery,
            We balk at the agony of your stillness and stumble in the heavy absence of your voice.  We fear your silence and distrust the victory of your powerful love over all that crushes life. Unlock our strangling anxieties, we pray. Apply yet again the balm of your grace to calm our thrashing hearts, especially upon _____, who fears your absence and cries from the depths of despair. She awaits for your voice to speak to her thrashing heart yet again.  In Christ we pray. (116)

Whispering Love,
            Through silence, you bring us into the listening depths of your heart.  In silence you issue the invitation to abandon ourselves to your grace, mercy, peace, and eternal plan for goodness with no prayer except that we come as we are.  Learning silence,  we become vibrantly receptive to your presence as we cling to you in hope and expectation.  Carry your dear child _____ through this silence she is experiencing.  Help her trust in your eternal will for new life coming, that she may meet with joy the mystery of faith and the find the quiet footsteps of Christ leading her on.  In the light of the Way of Christ we make our prayer. (117)

To Pray for Oneself as Needed (118)

My God and My Savior,
            Sometimes I do not have any words to pray as the burden of my sorrow keeps me silenced.  It is then that I ask you, O God of Compassion, to. . .
. . .Accept as prayer my muted-heart and nerve-wracked spirit—Love, hear my prayer.
. . .Accept as prayer my drowning doubt and engulfing anger—Grace, hear my prayer.
. . .Accept as prayer my groaning grief and paralyzing thoughts—Hope, hear my prayer.
. . .Accept as prayer, O Blessing Goodness. . .
. . .my weakness, inability, and struggle to keep going
. . .my debilitated energy and splintered mind
. . .all that conspires to tether my soul to darkness.
Remember me, O Holy One of Life, and hear my prayer.  In Christ’s mercy I pray. (118)
O Fusion of Love,
            Why do I fear when Thou art my Source and my End?  Why do I rage against human weakness, when it is the weakness itself that gives Thee cause to extend Thy tender mercies in such abundance? O gentle Breath of God, melt my rigid heart now frozen by despair.  Gird me with Thy grace and shield me with Thy hope. May I daily remember that this is the day that Thou givest to rejoice and be glad in, that I may will to rejoice all my days.  Alleluia!  Alleluia! (119)

Long-Term Unemployment (120-121)

Way of Love,
We bless you that you lead us and guide us when the way is unclear and there seems to be no way out. Hear our prayers for your daughter, _____, seeking another job now for (almost a year), with nothing in sight.  She is sick with worry, with financial difficulties, and is wanting to give up even trying. 
Make a way for her where there seems to be no way. Bless her with the perseverance she needs to keep seeking, to keep interviewing, and to keep waiting for the opportunity to earn a living wage again at a new job provided by your gracious hand and will. In the Way of Jesus we pray. (120)

God of Salvation,
            You know what we need each day and have plans for our future--plans of abundant blessing, pressed down and running over. We pray for _____, as she seeks to find the way you would have her to go.  Help her to trust in your good will and guiding hand that she may wait patiently for the right door to open.  And help her rest confidently in your care and rejoice always in your grace.  In Christ we pray. (121)

Moving to a Care Facility (122-125)

God of All Mercy,
            We pray for a safe passage for _____ and _____ as they begin another stage of their journey together.  As _____ learns to make her home in the (name of facility), we beseech your merciful peace for any anxieties s/he may feel.  And as _____ adjusts to life at home without her/him, we ask your comforting Spirit upon her/him.  Provide balm for both of their hurting hearts and consolation for their fears, now and in the coming time.  In Christ we pray. (122)

Compassionate God,
            You comfort us in our distress and guide us when we are feeling lost.  We pray you will bless the _____ family as they struggle to find direction to help for _____.  Let Christ’s light lead them toward the path you would have them go.  Be with all the family members in this time of unknowing and confusion.  Provide them with what each one needs according to your good will and abounding mercy.  In Christ we pray. (123)

Eternal Hope,
            From our mothers’ wombs to the womb of our graves, you steadfastly lead, encourage, strengthen, and uphold us. We thank you for your faithfulness to _____, your beloved daughter.  We ask you to work your good will in her and through her as she moves to her final earthly home.  Uphold her in your everlasting arms and carry her to the end of her journey on earth in heavenly peace.  In Jesus our Savior, we pray. (124)

Holy God,
            You are the wind beneath our wings and so we ask that you will blow your Spirit’s blessings upon our sister, _____, as she is made to move out of her home and into a facility where she will receive the care she requires.  Give her the strength for the changes that will come, and let the light of Christ shine upon her through the touch and skill of all who attend to her.  Help her to accept what she cannot change and grant her your peace.  In Christ we pray. (125)

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