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Thursday, November 17, 2016

When the Patient is Unable to Pray (105-106)
For the Mentally Ill (107-112)
For the Family of the Mentally Ill (113)
Recovery from Addictions (114-117)
Recovery from Difficult Childhood (118)
Recovery from Guilt (119)
Patient Apart from Family Members (120-121)
Family Apart from Patient (122-123)
Family Caregivers (124-131)

When the Patient is Unable to Pray (105-106)
God of Life and Love,
            What a blessing it is to know that when we are unable to, our loved ones plead for us through the Spirit of Christ our Savior. On behalf of our sister _____, we plead for your mercy. You are acquainted with her needs as we are not, and so we place them in your healing hands, knowing that your gracious will is for life abundant and your victory cry is “Peace”.  In the name of the Victorious One we pray. (105)

Abiding God,
            Even in the darkest times, when we consider your compassion we are made able to turn to you in hope and expectation. In trust in your amazing grace we pray for _____.  As she battles for consciousness, we recognize your abiding presence and simply ask that you let it be with her according to your good will and mercy.  Be with all those who wait helplessly at her side and grant them all the light of Jesus.  In Christ we pray. (106)

For the Mentally Ill (107-112)
Faithful God,
            You carry us when we are weak, lead us when the way is dark, and surprise us with your amazing grace all along the way.  As _____ makes her way through the devastating effects of this episode, her doctors seek to find the medications that will be most helpful. We ask that you will carry her, lead her, and surprise her with your gifts of grace.  Bless her with all she needs and give her all confidence that you are with her and will never abandon her.  In Jesus we pray. (107)

O God our Sanctuary,
            We would be still to remember that no matter our circumstances, you are the source of all of our strength and hope.  Send your healing strength upon _____ we pray.  Bless her according to her needs and your kind heart, as you bestow perseverance and courage in the face of all that seeks to destroy her life.  And write hope upon her heart as you lead her toward the light and peace of Christ.  In Jesus we pray. (108)

God of the Unknown,
            We thank you today for our sister, _____, and ask you to bless her with a full measure of your Spirit’s life that she may have a sense of your abiding presence in the midst of her confusion. We cannot know if a sound mind may be according to your will, but we do know that whatever her condition, the light of Christ will arise upon her so she may find the peace that passes all understanding.  In Jesus’ precious name we pray. (109)

It is you who light my lamp; the LORD my God, lights up my darkness.  Psalm 18:28
Great Light of Heaven,
            You are a shield for all who seek refuge in you, a shelter in life’s storms, and a solid rock to stand upon when all around is tumbling down.  How we thank you for the strength to persevere and the steady hand of your guidance and peace to lead us onward in the fog!  Lay your hand upon your dear daughter, _____, now and in the coming time.  Bless and guide her each day and let her see your light so that she may find her way hand in hand with you each day.  In Christ we pray. (110)

‘The Spirit of the LORD is upon me, because he has anointed me to bring good news to the poor.  He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to let the oppressed go free, to proclaim the year of the LORD’s favor.” And (Jesus) rolled up the scroll. . .and began to say to them, “Today this scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing.” Luke 4:18-20a, 21.

Refuge of All Captives,
            How we bless you for your faithfulness to this world and your people throughout the generations, especially as we ponder it through the lens of Jesus Christ.  We are grateful for the good news you proclaim in our hearts each day: for your compassion, your promise to release us from all that oppresses and imprisons us. 
We ask you blessed favor to continue to be at work in the life of our dear _____ held within the forces that will not free her. Fulfill your word in her in ways that only you can, even in the midst of her illness.  Anoint her with the soothing balm of your Spirit’s presence that she may know now and always the fulfillment of your promises of grace and release.  In Jesus’ holy name we pray. (111)

Guide of our Deepest Knowing,
             No matter the circumstances of our bodies, minds, families, or health, you conduct us on the Hallelujah Trail, giving us reason to praise and bless your holy name.  We are so grateful that even in the midst of _____’s circumstances, you are quick to speak your calming word of love and consoling presence of peace.  We pray for her today and each day, that she may understand the greatness of your love for her and just how much you treasure your beloved daughter.  In the faith and knowledge of the grace and peace of Christ we pray.  (112)

For the Family of The Mentally Ill (113)
O LORD, God of my salvation, when at night, I cry out in your presence,
Let my prayer come before you; incline your ear to my cry.
For my soul is full of troubles, and my life draws near to Sheol. Psalm 88:1-4

Jesus, Face of God,
It is your good will to have mercy, especially upon those in a “distant land,” lost to their families and communities.  You are Christ within, present with them in their unknowing, their disease, and their inability to leave the land of oblivion. And it is your that Spirit cries out from within their troubled souls.  And so, with confidence in your power to change what we cannot, we pray for your beloved child, ____, who is lost to her (mother, sister, children) and the homeland of flourishing life.  Guide her toward the path of your saving, healing grace and bring her to a better place, according to your good will and mercy.  And bless _____, and all those who must persevere in love and hope from afar as you continue to lead her, in the eternal light of your Love day by day.  In your holy name we pray. (113)
Recovery from Addictions  (114-117)
O Hovering God,
            Your grace is sufficient for each day, and your will for all is that we may flourish and thrive.  And so we pray for _____, as she learns how to love herself and how to thrive.  Let the aroma of Christ fill her body, mind, and soul with your abundant goodness, that she may see Jesus' light shining in her darkness and accept the healing touch of your Spirit’s mighty power.  In Christ we pray. (114)

O God of all Life,
            We affirm that you are in control of this world, this life, this day.  And just for today we let go of the chaos and pain of our lives so we may cling to your abiding love and healing peace. Grant to _____ the wisdom to accept the things she cannot change and the courage to make the changes that are within her control.  And help her to discern the difference as you lead her into a sober and joy-filled path.  In Christ we pray. (115)

Ever-faithful God,
            You call us to let the burdens of the past slip away as you challenge us to take up the cross of loving ourselves and learning to know ourselves as you know us. That is our prayer for your beloved child, ____, as you help her work her program with integrity and courage.  Lead her to closer communion with you as she learns to live in the joy of your amazing grace one day, one hour at a time.  In Christ we pray. (116)

O God of New Beginnings,
             We thank you for this day of life and all the possibilities it holds, praying for our dear friend, _____.  As she clings to you through the steps of her recovery, woo her to a deeper spirituality, a wider trust, and a higher hope in you.  Meet her needs each day according to your good will and mercy, and grant her the serenity in Christ she seeks.  In your Spirit's power we pray. (117)

Recovery from Difficult Childhood (118)
Ever-faithful God,
Only you know how difficult _____’s childhood was and how courageously she is working for healing of her emotional wounds and recovery from the suffering and loneliness she endured.  We ask the refreshing balm of your Spirit to help her learn the way of self-compassion and self-love.  Continue to help her pluck out the deeply-rooted shame and hopelessness, and plant within her new ways to respond to life with the gift of self-respect as your beloved, beloved child.  In the grace of Christ we pray. (118)
Recovery From Guilt (119)
Forgiving God,
            Your dear child, _____, needs the assurance of your pardon.  She has heard your loving words of hope and renewal, but still cannot seem to make them her own.  Help her to remember your grace, given so freely in Jesus. Grant her the strength to let go of the guilt and self-recrimination that she now harbors, so she may forgive herself as the beloved child of your heart.  We ask in the name of Jesus, our Savior and Friend. (119)

Patient Apart From Family (120-121)
Gracious God,
             We thank you for your Spirit’s breath that nurtures us through the love of family, friends and neighbors, and even the kindness of strangers.  We are grateful for the care that comes from the gifts of their hands and hearts. Bless _____ now as she prepares to go to _____ to seek your healing.  Blow hope upon her that she may endure what must be endured and find returning health.  In the love of Jesus we pray. (120)

O Breath of Life,
            You are the infinite source of healing and hope as you abide with us in our pain and fragility.  We pray you will continue to bless your dear daughter, _____, in her pain and slow mobility as she recovers from her injuries.  And in this enforced time away from her loved ones, speak to her in the silence of her sleepless nights.  May her family’s love and the ministrations of all those who are helping her be the hands of Christ upon her today and every day of her treatments.  In the vigorous grace and calming peace of Christ I pray. (121)

Family Apart From Patient (122-123)
Power of the Universe,
            We ask your deepest blessings upon _____ and _____ and their family during this time of enforced separation.  May they lean heavily upon your grace for all their needs.  Grant _____ your wisdom and courage as she goes where she is ordered.  Give her a discerning heart to follow orders with integrity and righteousness.  Keep her safe from harm and guide all her actions.  In Christ we pray. (122)

God of All Families,
            We thank you for the _____ family and for the eyes of faith that help them see your abiding presence bringing comfort, strength, and help in their helplessness.  Continue to abide with them during this time of enforced separation.  As they wait today for news about _____’s condition, let your mighty Spirit blow upon them.  Heal their dear loved one according to your compassionate will.  And fill them all with the peace of Christ.  Amen. (123) 

Family Caregivers (124-131)
God of the Bitter and the Sweet,
In the very worst of circumstance in our lives you grace is sufficient for all of our needs, and so we offer this prayer for _____ and _____, who have been through such a difficult journey these past_____ years, each in her own way.  We ask your deep blessings upon _____ as she struggles with so many painful and debilitating physical problems.  
Touch her with your healing, sustaining Spirit today and grant her deepest needs, according to your steadfast love and mercy.  And blow your Sweet Breath upon _____ as she seeks relief for her beloved daughter and prays for her recovery and return to a full and pain-free life.  Let your light shine upon each of them and the entire_____ family and grant them each the joy and peace of deep communion with you each day.  In Christ we pray. (124)

O Womb of Our Becoming,
You encase us with steadfast love and endless compassion and offer us sanctuary in times of peril, healing hope in times of illness, and trust that your grace is sufficient for all of our needs.  Be a hiding place for ____we pray and bless____ at this time of _____ (affliction) and hospitalization.  May the merciful goodness of Christ be the hands of those who care for her and for _____ as she waits in prayer at the bedside.  And may they quickly find themselves flourishing in praise and thanks to you for the wonders you perform.  In Christ we pray. (125)

O God our Sanctuary,
            Fugitives from lives of relentless giving, empty of resources, and longing for rest, we run to you.  We lift before you, _____, who is finding it hard to keep on going today and call upon your endless well of mercy to fill her.  Help her to better care for herself that she may better tend to the needs of _____.  Let your Spirit’s power be upon them both to be their strength, their comfort, and their hope.  In Jesus’ name we pray. (126)

Loving God,
            Your faithfulness to us teaches us what covenant love means, and we see that love mirrored so clearly in the ties that bind the _____ family.  They are torn asunder by _____’s [mental] disease, yet they find the grace to offer her dignity and care.  Bless them all in this time of turmoil and struggle.  Shield them from all that would cause them harm, and lead them in Jesus’ peace each day.  In Christ we pray. (127)

The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The LORD is the refuge of my life, of whom shall I be afraid? . . .I believe that I shall see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.  Wait for the LORD; be strong, and let your heart take courage; wait for the LORD!  Psalm 27:1, 13-14

Voice of Mercy,
            You are the light and salvation of the world, and in you our hearts take comfort as we wait upon your gracious guidance.  You are the light in the darkness and the salvation of _____ as she daily cares for _____. As together they seek your goodness in the land of the living, be her refuge in times of unknowing, be her strength when her shaky legs collapse, and be her will to persevere when she fears she harder times are coming still. Bless and keep her as she seeks to be the hands of Christ upon her loved one.  In the strong name of Jesus Christ we pray. (128)

Father and Mother of us All,
            We know that we have our beginnings and our endings within the matrix of your grace, and so we rest in your loving care no matter the circumstances of our days.  We thank you for your gracious design for this world that sets a time for us to live and a time for us to die, that we may count each day as the precious gift it is.  We ask your deep blessing upon _____ and upon her two sisters/brothers as she tends them on the threshold of death.  Continue to use her loving heart and tireless hands as she serves and tends to them.  Bless her and her family with all she may need as you guide them through the valley of the shadow of death by the light and peace of Christ.  In Christ we pray. (129)

Great Head of All Families,
We pray that grace may abound for _____, as she sits by her beloved _____’s bedside on her journey into death.  Give her the endurance and strength she needs, as she feels so helpless and hopeless at this time of letting go. Bless them both with the comfort and peace they seek through you Spirits’ abiding presence and ever-so-tender compassion. Softly and tenderly do we pray in the name of the One who taught us to pray: Our Father, who art in heaven. . .(130)

God of Compassionate Goodness, 
We do thank and praise you for your abiding presence and tender mercies all of the days of our lives.  But we particularly welcome your compassionate care given to us through those that serve us ever-so-attentively in times of crisis.  Today we pray for _____ who with deep compassion cares so tirelessly for her beloved ______.
When she feels helpless and time drags on its weary way, grant her rest and comfort for her battered soul. May your whispers of love and mercy flood both of their hearts and spirits as they await the fulfillment of your will. And may the entire family find the very arms of Jesus wrapped around them, granting them comfort and peace at this painful time. In the grace of Christ we pray. (131) 

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