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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Chemotherapy/Radiation (79-88)
Long Term Treatment (89-93)
After a Stroke (94-101)
Debilitating Disease (102-104)

Chemotherapy/Radiation (79-88)
God of the Weary,
            How could we take one step after another without your supporting love?  Especially in times of trial and unknowing, we are grateful, oh so grateful, for your grace and mercy that embraces us beyond measure.
            Bless your dear daughter, _____ with all she may need as she ends her chemo and finds out if it has been effective.  We pray that you will continue to lift her heart and head in glad adoration and praise as she steps forward each day on her Hallelujah Journey, upheld by your Spirit and following in the Way of Jesus.  In the light and peace of Christ we pray. (79)

Source of All that Is,
We are in awe that you imprint your image within our finite bodies and limited life spans and give us the ability to experience the mystery of your Presence among us and within each of us.  And so we sing our Hallelujahs and seek to shape our days from our gratitude, trust, and praise.  We pray for _____ as your Spirit stirs her gratitude and hope in the midst of the assault of her treatments.  Bless her with what she needs each day according to your good will and mercy.  In Christ we pray. (80)

Dazzling Love,
            We thank you this day for your beloved daughter, _____, and for your love embedded within her soul.  Create within her all she may need each day as she seeks your good will in the midst of her disease and unknowing.  Strengthen her in all she is undergoing: gird her loins, steady her steps, allay her pain, and let all who treat and care for her be the hands of Christ upon her.  And may her "Hallelujahs" continue to join the Chorus of the Ages who sing your glory now and forever.  In Christ we pray. (81)

Sustaining Power of Love,
            Your steadfast love and mercy is from everlasting to everlasting, and so we faithfully ask that you will pour it out in overflowing abundance upon your beloved child, _____, as she continues he battle with _____.  Bless her and her loved ones, _____, with all they may need this and every day.  Give wisdom them all wisdom and courage, love and hope as their daily bread.  And let the gifts and skills of her medical and technical teams be the hands of Christ upon her to bring strength, comfort, and healing according to your good will and mercy.  All this we pray in the grace, peace, and light of Christ. (82)  

God of the Achy and the Blahs,
Like a shot to temper nausea, you walk the path ahead to guide us and to ease our way.  Like a bag of toxic liquid dripping into our veins, you root out and destroy the chaos of our lives.  And like a tender loving hand laid upon our shaking arms, you soothe and steady us in our time of dire need. How we thank you for your everlasting tender care!  How we praise you for your love that will not let us go or ever abandon us!
Look now upon your dear child _____ as she continues in this next round of treatment in a long and lengthy protocol.  May the chemo continue to be an angel force for healing the cancer, the medical team be the hands of Christ upon her, and our prayers be united with your Breath hovering over her and her family now and in the coming time.  In the grace and light of Christ we pray. (83)

God of Miracles,
            We call on your dynamic, healing power through Jesus Christ our Savior, as we pray for our dear _____ who has need of your strength and healing touch.  Bless her as she endures this time of chemotherapy/radiation and give her the inner resources to persevere in grace.  Let all who care for her be the healing hands of Christ upon her now and in the days to come.  And give her all good hope and faith. In Christ we pray. (84)

Our Heavenly Shield,
            You defend us from the slings and arrows of life, especially when we are at our most vulnerable.  So, with confidence in your faithful care, we pray for our sister, ____, who is enduring the agony of chemo and radiation.  Bless her with the perseverance, courage, and strength that she needs.  Steady her steps and shine the healing light of Christ upon her, as you lead her to the still waters of peace.  In Christ we pray. (85)

O God our Hope,
            We bless you for the gentle ways you guide us through the confusing mazes of this life.  When darkness falls upon us and we stumble without a sense of direction, you gently lead us toward the light.  As your daughter, _____, must make her way through the maze of surgery and chemotherapy, be present in a strong and visible way.  Pour out your Spirit and draw her ever closer to the healing light and peace of Jesus. In Christ we pray. (86)

O Source and Home of All,
            Have mercy, O God, have mercy upon all who suffer this day with afflictions of body, mind, and spirit, but especially upon Thy beloved child, _____, who seeks your healing touch.  Meet her needs each day according to Thy good will and bountiful mercy.  Tighten the tethers of grace upon her to encourage, heal, and regenerate her life where there now seems to be none.  And let the light of Christ shine upon the Way Thou wouldst have her go in her treatments and protocols.  In Thy precious name we pray. (87)

O Hovering Mercy
The cries and howlings that fly to Thy listening heart shoot out to you from our sorrow grief and pain.  But they push us every more tightly into your arms of mercy.  Our wailings born from our frailty, brokenness, and human limitations are indeed the tethers of Thy grace, so that through them we may turn to Thee to find trust, courage, and hope.  And so, in the midst of the deep darkness, we would add our deepest gratitude with our pleas for mercy.  We thank you for the trust, courage, and hope you give to your child, _____, and ask you will continue to bless her each day with all she may need.  May she continue to see the flash and to feel the stirrings of angels’ wings as they hover and tend in your holy name. (88)

Treatment (89-93)
Abounding Grace,
            Wholly dependent upon your grace for all things, we offer our thanks and praise for the blessings your pour out upon us, especially through the dark and difficult challenges.  We thank you for the love and steadying support of family and friends, for courage, perseverance, good humor, faith, hope, and the wisdom and skill of all people who spend the energies and lives in service to healing others.
            May your grace continue to flow over _____ as she looks to you to lead her each day in the light and peace of Christ until she wants no more.  In your love we pray. (89)

God of All Blessing,
            We are grateful for hospitals and treatment centers, scientists, technicians, for doctors who seek out better medicines and kinder therapies, and for nurses whose hands convey the healing touch of Christ.  Be with your child, _____, throughout her treatments, that the light of Christ may continue to shine through all who hover around her and deeply bless her with your healing grace.  In Christ we pray. (90)

Blessed Savior,
            In your grace we find your power to redeem every circumstance of our lives.  We ask your grace now to pour out upon _____ as she looks to you for a full and complete recovery.  Gird her with your power that she may flourish.  Succor her with your touch that she may find comfort.  Let your great mercy bless her according to her need and your good will, that she may triumph through your grace.  In Christ we pray. (91)

We wait in hope for the LORD; he is our help and shield.  In him our hearts rejoice, for we trust in his holy name.  May your unfailing love rest upon us, O LORD, even as we put our hope in you.  Psalm 33:20-22

Blessed Savior,
            You are faithful to all you have created, filling the earth with your steadfast love.  We know the blessing of your presence with us, especially in the midst of all of the challenges and sorrows of life and we rejoice such compassionate care. Let that caring love continue to flow upon _____ as she seeks your healing touch through her treatments.  Give her all she may need each day and be her help and her shield as she hopes in you.  In Christ we pray. (92)

O God Who Lifts Our Heads,
            When our load feels too heavy to bear, you raise us up.  In times of unknowing and anxiety, you guide, strengthen, and comfort us.  Have mercy upon our dear _____ in her dark time of battle with (disease/condition).  Let your healing Spirit lift her head to receive the healing light of Christ.  Help her to bear what must be borne with courage, patience, perseverance, and hope.  And grant her the deep peace of Christ. (93)

After a Stroke (94-101)
God of the Helpless,
            We thank you for the grace that upholds our sister _____ in this harrowing time.  You have brought her back to awareness and toward the hope of recovery.  We pray you will continue to pour out your healing Spirit until she is able to return to the fullness of life.  Meet her needs according to your good will and keep her in the sweetness of Jesus' peace forevermore.  In Christ we pray. (94)

Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name, you are mine. When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you. When you walk through the fire you will not be burned; the flames will not set you ablaze.  For I am the LORD. . . your God.  Isaiah 43:1c-3a

Anchor of Hope,
            We thank you for your promises of old, and claim them now on behalf of our dear sister, _____, as she passes through these overwhelming waters of trauma.  Be with her through the flames of recovery and give her the patience and strength to endure what each day brings.  And grant her the peace of Christ that passes all understanding.  In Jesus we pray. (95)

Gracious God,
            We thank you for _____'s family and friends who gather around her each day to support and care for her, especially _____, as she/he surrounds her with love and compassion during this long ordeal. Bless them both as she recovers and give them the peace and light of Jesus each day.  In Christ we pray. (96)

For surely you know the plans I have for you, says the LORD,
plans for your welfare and not for harm,
to give you hope with a future.  Jeremiah 29:11

O God of Welfare and Compassion,
            You are the open and expansive source of all compassion, all mercy, all healing, and all hope.  With infinite care and tenderness you silently abide with us in our pain, our illness, our neediness, and our helplessness.  And so we ask you to bless and heal your dear daughter, _____, to meet her needs and restore her body, mind, and spirit to new life.  Give her a future with hope and an unwavering light of joy and peace as she looks to you for all things.  In the love and grace of Christ.  (97)

Our Maker and Redeemer,
            We rejoice that you are at work in our lives mending what is broken and bringing goodness out of those circumstances of our lives we would curse. We ask your abiding Spirit upon our dear friend, _____, in her search for better health.  Bless her with what she requires each day, and be with _____ as s/he stays by her side.  Give them courage in each day's struggle and renew them each night in the peace of Christ.  Amen. (98)

Faithful God,
            As our beloved friend, _____, regains her strength and health, she relies on you for that which she needs each day.  Bless her with a complete recovery, according to your good will and mercy.  Fully restore her energy and good health as you renew her faith and hope in you.  Touch her gently with your healing hands and give her a full measure of the peace of Christ.  In Jesus' name we pray. (99)

O God our Confidence,
            Your Breath of life upholds us at all times, but especially when we are weak.  We thank you that in our helplessness, your strength is made apparent and your grace gives us courage. Let your wings of hope come and lift up _____ at her time of great need.  Have mercy upon this beloved child of yours as she waits for recovery, and give her the vision to see beyond the present moment.  In our Savior Jesus we pray. (100)

Holy God,
            We give you thanks that _____ is home from rehab and praise you for all of the healing that she has received from your hand.  Grant her full recovery and restoration to mobility and speech according to your good will and mercy. Give her serenity to accept her new limitations yet to persevere in hope, and settle the peace of Christ upon her as manna from heaven.  In Jesus our Savior we pray. (101)

Debilitating Disease (102-103)
Spirit of Life,
            You know the difficulties and heartaches that your dear child, _____, endures in her disability.  Even more than she is aware, you know her needs and are faithfully working out a plan for her life.  But she is so tired of the struggle (with Parkinson’s, ALS, MS, Scleroderma, or other chronic conditions), so weary and discouraged.  We pray that you will bless her now in her pain and failing body.  Help her to persevere with confidence in your amazing grace that even in the darkest of times the light of Christ shines brightly.  So open up her heart, her sprit, and her days so that she may know and revel in your abundant grace, no matter what the future may hold for her.  In the sweet name Jesus' we pray. (102)

O Matrix of Goodness and Hope,
Your steadfast love is the beating heart of all Creation, the animating spirit of grace that dances in, through, and over all that exists, all that lives.  We pour out our gratitude for the gift of life that offers us opportunities to grow in wisdom, love, and hope.
We thank you today for helping your beloved daughter_____ rediscover how precious her life is to her, for her deepened joy in being alive. I thank you that her time of waiting is over and that the definitive treatment for her disease was much less invasive and debilitating than she first feared.  I am grateful for her medical team at ____(hospital/care facility) whose skill and hands were the hands of healing and hope upon her, and who will continue to care for her and monitor her progress. 
We are grateful for her renewed energy to serve your cause for Goodness throughout her days. Bless her, O bless her with all she may need today and each day, that she may continue to find joy in the moment, light in the darkness, and the peace that passes all understanding. In the light and wonderment of Christ we pray. (103) 

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