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Thursday, November 17, 2016

First Day of School (1)
For Children of Divorce (2)
For Children to Write to Others (3)
For Teens and Their Families (4-11)
For Teens to Pray for Themselves (12-33)
Graduation (34-41)
Students Away from Home (42-44)

First Day of School (1)
O Jesus Our Teacher and Friend,
            Today is the first day of the new school year for _____ (et al.) and she is feeling excited, shy, and scared all at once. Remind her that everyone in her classroom, even her teacher is also in a new situation and that they too are excited, shy, and scared all at once. Help her to remember that you will be with her, her new teacher, and her classmates every minute and that she has nothing to be afraid of at all.  Bless her with a love of learning, a lot of new friends, and the happiness of knowing that she is now a “big girl” who goes to school.  And help her do a very good job as a student.  Thank you, Jesus.  Amen. (1)

For Children of Divorce (2)
Dear Jesus,
            Even when we are scared because of all the changes in our families, we know that you love us and take care of us each day.  We pray for (and  _____), who is/now hurting and afraid because of the divorce.  Bless her each day as she adjusts to the changes that her/their parents have made that she cannot stop.  Please help her hurting heart as she learns how to live in two separate homes.  And remind her how much she is loved now and always by both her mom and dad and YOU! In Christ we pray. (2)

For Children to Write to Others (3)
Dear _____,
I know you (are not feeling well/are sick/lost your dog/broke your arm…) and I am sorry.  I am praying for you hope that God will help you feel better so we can play again real soon.  Much love, (3)

For Teens and Their Families (4-32)
Holy God,
            We pray your deep blessings upon the _____ family as they go through these troubled times.  Especially we lift up before you _____ and ask your abiding grace upon her as she acts out in unhealthy ways.  Guard her body, mind and spirit. Give her wisdom to make good choices and remind her how much she is loved.   Keep her parents focused on those things they can do to help and give them the strength to persevere in loving discipline and expectant hope.  And give _____ the ability to make smart and healthy choices each day. Through Christ our Savior we pray. (4)

God of Grace,
            We thank you that you love us just the way we are!  It is such as relief not to have to pretend with you or to try to make ourselves look better than we are.  We pray that you will bless your dear child, _____, who feels bad about her self because she has blown it.  We pray you will help her accept your pardon and give her the courage and strength to do better next time.  Guide her steps in ways that will help her flourish and lead her in the Way of Jesus all of her lifelong.  In Christ we pray. (5)

Ever-loving God,
            Our dear friend, _____, needs your help.  Show her your love in ways large and small and remind her that you are for her, with her, and here to guide her every day.  Help her to trust in the plan you have for her life that she cannot yet see or understand.  Grant her your Spirit and give her the healing of her body, mind, and soul that she needs so badly, that she may find hope in the love of her family, friends, and community.  Through Jesus Christ we pray. (6)

Dear Lord,
            There are so many people in _____’s life for whom she prays, but we ask your special blessing upon her (friend, mother, etc.)_____ who is very ill and needs your saving grace. Hear our prayers and those of all who love and care for her.  Heal her according to your good will and mercy.  Let the minds and hands of the medical staff be the blessed touch of Christ upon her, and send your Spirit to abide with her and all those who wait by her side.  In Jesus we pray. (7)

O God our Judge,
            Our friend, _____, is going to court today and is in need of your special blessings.  She is nervous about what lies ahead.  Be with the lawyers and the judge who will be deciding what will happen to her.  She is sorry for what she did and wants to learn how to do things differently.  Lead people into her life that can influence her for good, and help her make the changes in her heart, mind, and lifestyle that can bring her real satisfaction and joy. We pray in Jesus who is our Way, Truth, and Life. (8)

Dearest God,
            Your beloved child, _____, says that she’s thinking about cutting her wrists again but doesn’t want to go back to that.  Your saving grace has been with her through her therapy and medications, but right now she feels stuck in a bad place and can’t see her way forward.  We know your will for her is a flourishing life.  So send your Spirit's miracle-working power to help her see the future you have planned for her. Give her the courage to ask for help let your peace sink into her very bones today and always.  In Christ we pray. (9)

Gracious God,
            Your beloved child, _____, has been struggling with her sexual identity and is certain she is gay.  She feels that she is living a lie and wants to come out to her parents, but is afraid of their reaction.  And so, we ask your amazing grace upon her and her family in this situation.  Grant her courage to give her parents the gift of the truth, and give them the unconditional love that she needs from them. May they each be a blessing to one another, filled with your peace and surprised by joy.  In Christ we pray. (10)

Comforting God,
            Your dear child, _____, feels lost and alone.  She is overwhelmed right now with the loss of her faith.  Remind her yet again that you are the giver of faith and that you are with her whether or not she can sense your Spirit's touch.  Shower her with your blessings in the ways you know that she needs.  Let your tender mercies be her confidence, her consolation, and her joy.  And give her good hope in Jesus, her companion and friend.  In Christ we pray. (11)

For Teens to Pray for Themselves (12- 33)
Jesus My Friend,
            You know that I’m scared to go to school.  I hate the violence, the cussing, and the awful sense of being left out.  Other people are giving me a hard time and I don’t know if it’s even worth going there.  They say that you are the friend of outcasts, so won’t you please help me?  Please send someone to be my friend, someone I can talk to who will listen and won’t laugh at me.  I hope you’re listening now and will help me.  I’ll keep my eyes opened for you to send somebody my way.  Thank you, Jesus. (12)

Gracious God,
            You know me better than I know myself.  I don’t know why I lie (drink/do drugs, sleep around/steal/smoke/cheat) the way I do.  Even before I realize what I am doing, I am caught up in it.  I hate living this way and feeling this way.  Please help me to change, Lord.  You are the God of miracles and I ask your Spirit to come and work a miracle in me.  Give me the courage to ask someone for help and then the strength to do what they say.  I know that it will take time and hard work, but I believe you can transform me, Lord.  And never stop loving me.  In Jesus my Savior I pray. (13)

Help me God!
            I feel so much anxiety and pressure.  I don’t understand what’s going on half the time and I find myself getting angry over any little thing.  I’ve got to do better than this.  Help me look deeply and truthfully inside myself to understand what’s going on and lead me on the pathway of peace.  Send someone to help me/help me reach out to _______ because I know she cares.  And thank you for being here.  (14)

O God, I feel so hopeless.  I’m so out of control and I don’t even know why I do what I do.  I’ve tried to stop because it’s insane, but I can’t.  I hate the lies; I hate feeling this way.  If your power is enough to make the world, could it help me make mine sane again?  I know I can’t do it alone, but maybe you can do it through me. You are my only hope.  Please God.  Help me and show me the way. (15)

Dear God,
Thank you for all the blessing you give me: for my family, my healthy body and mind, my church family and my faith.  Thank you for your forgiveness that makes every day a new beginning.
Help me follow Jesus, please.  I want to be a blessing to my world.  Keep me truthful, joyful, and kind, and give me the inner strength to do the right thing each day.  And thank you for always being with me.  In Jesus’ name I pray. (16)
Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.  Help me to serve you and this world according to your will for goodness, forgiveness, and starting anew. And help me to remember that I just need to live one day at a time. Thank you for hanging in there with me.  In Jesus’ name. (17)

Okay God,
            I’m not sure what I’m doing talking to you.  I don’t even think I believe in you.  But just in case you’re there, please help.  If you really are God, then you know the mess I’m in and you know that there is no easy way out.  Maybe I don’t even need a way out, just a way through it all.  If you can do anything at all, please do it and let me know that you’re behind it all.  I’d really appreciate it. (18)

Heavenly Father and Holy Mother God,
            I pray for my parents who have been fighting a lot lately.  They are scaring me because sometimes I think that my dad/mom is going to leave us.  What will I do if our family splits up?  Won’t you help them, please? And help me remember that you love them and you love me and no matter what the future may bring, you will always be with us.  In Jesus’ name I pray. (19)

Holy Lord,
            I pray for my parents because I love them and need them.  I know it’s really hard for them to deal with me sometimes, but both Mom and Dad are wonderful.  Please give them a good life and keep them healthy and help my mom quit smoking.  Bless my sisters/brothers and me, so we can let them know how great we think they are.  Thank you for making us a family.  In Jesus’ name I pray. (20)

Father in Heaven,
            Please keep my mom/dad safe when she isn’t home.  It’s so hard for her to be so far away, and it’s really hard on all of us.  We miss her so much and are so afraid for her in that dangerous place.  Bless all the people involved in fighting wars and the civilians whose homes and cities are being destroyed, especially the children. Give foresight and wisdom to the president and to the leaders of nations around the world so that peace will come and peace will stay.  In Jesus name I pray. (21)

 God of All Help,
            I am so worried about my friend/cousin/sister, _____.  She is thinking about killing herself.  She has so many troubles that are making her do crazy things.  She won’t listen to me.  I pray for her, Lord.  And I pray for myself that you will give me the courage to speak to someone about her.  Show me who to go to for help and then use my words and my love to help lead her out of this mess. Give me the strength to do the right thing. In Jesus our Savior I pray. (22)

Dear God,
            I’m really concerned about, _____.  Alcohol/drugs/sex has her in its grip and she feels lost and alone.  And I’m afraid I might go the same way.  It’s so easy to give in and so hard not to. Pour out your grace to help her and show her the way of salvation for today. Help us both to find ways to have fun without doing harmful things.  Send your Spirit to show me how I can be a real friend to her and to myself, so that we both will choose the paths of joy and goodness that Jesus calls us to walk.  In Him I pray. (23)

Lord God,
            Please help (my aunt/sister/mom/friend) to stop drinking/smoking crack.  She can’t see how much it’s ruining her life, or if she does see it, she can’t stop.  Please watch over her and keep her safe.  Give her the strength and courage to go to a 12 Step meeting or somewhere to find how to get her life back.  I don’t know what I can do to help besides pray.  Just show me if there’s something out there I can do.  In the meantime, hear my prayers, O Lord, and deliver her from this evil.  In Jesus I pray. (24)

Dear God,
            You know how bad my (sister) feels about herself.  I ask that you will help her like herself more and stop putting herself down all the time.  She’s such a beautiful person inside and out.  I really want to thank you for putting her in my life.  And please help me to become someone that she is really happy to have in her life, too.  And help us both turn to you more often and to worship you all week long, not just on Sundays.  In Jesus’ name I pray. (25)

Dear God,
            My sisters/brothers are driving me crazy.  I can’t stand them fighting all the time.  I can’t even stand to see their faces sometimes.  You’re going to have to help me with this because right now I hate them.  I know you have made us a family and we’re supposed to love one another, so help me to love them better and help them to act better.  Thank you.  In Jesus’ name I pray. (26)

Sweet Jesus,
            My sister, _____, is drifting away from you and I feel like I’m losing her, too.  She’s always been the one to make me stop and think about what is right and I know I wouldn’t be who I am without her.  But she’s changed so much and now she needs help.  Bless her as only you can.  Send your Spirit to bring her back on track.  And help me understand her feelings and find the right words when she gets so weird.  In your holy name I trust and pray. (27)

Saving God,
            My (grandmother) is so weak since her stroke.  She has to work so hard just to try to talk and move and it breaks my heart.  I know that you love her and that you can bring blessings even out of horrible, terrible things, so I ask you to bless her at this horrible, terrible time.  When she taught me to pray, she told me how merciful you are, and so now I ask you to have mercy and heal my wonderful G’ma.. I pray as she taught me, in Jesus’ name. (28)

Good God,
            Life is so unfair.  So many people suffer and such terrible things happen, and yet the Church says that you are in charge of it, working out your goodness in the face of evil by the power of your Holy Spirit.  I don’t understand it, but I want to believe.  So fill in the gaps of my unbelief and show me what I can do to help you.  Help me follow Jesus to be a blessing to others who are in need.  Strengthen my courage, sharpen my vision, and shape my will so that it fits in with your Kingdom.  In the name of King Jesus I pray. (29)

Thank you, Lord!  Thank you for the sense of forgiveness I feel today.  It’s such a wonderful thing not to be stuck with the heavy burden of guilt I’ve been carrying around.  As in the waters of my baptism, I am washed clean and feel fit to begin again. You have given me a whole new beginning and I thank you, thank you, thank you.  Yea God!  Yea Jesus!  Yea me! (30)

Holy God,
            I want to be kinder to other people and more respectful of them.  I don’t want to judge them and put them down the way I do.  I’m sorry for slamming so many of my friends and for being two-faced.  I want to be a good person and I believe you can help me become one.  Please help me to keep holding the hand of Jesus every day, so that I can find the inner strength to do the right thing.  I want to grow in my relationship with you and I hope you’ll answer this prayer!  In Jesus’ name I pray. (31)

O God,
            I need some direction for the coming months and years ahead.  I know that you have a place for me, so take me there and help me to stay focused and not screw up.  I want to make my parents proud, I want to be proud of myself, and most especially, I want to please you.  So take my hand and give me courage, give me direction, and give me wisdom as I face whatever is ahead.  Help me grow stronger in you and give me the faith and trust to do what you will.  In Jesus I pray. (32)
You are an awesome God! 
You have given me so many blessings and I’m very, very grateful.  Thank you for my life, my family, my friends, and my church family.  I love you and want to do your will because you believe in me.  Help me to help others.  I ask your blessings for those in need, I seek your peace for those in despair, I seek your healing for the ill and dying, and I seek your light for those who are lost in the darkness.  Thank you for faith and thank you for Jesus, your saving grace in person.  In Him I pray. (33)

Graduation (34-41)
O God of Wisdom,
            We thank you for the blessing that education has been in _____’s life.  We are grateful for the experience and skills she has gained and for wisdom won in the process.  Bless her now as she seeks to use her knowledge in ways that will promote goodness in this world.  Help her use her gifts and abilities with integrity and courage and grant her all she may need each day and lead her always in peace and joy.  In Christ we pray. (34)

God of Living Water,
            We ask that your gracious blessings may overflow upon _____ as she leaves her girlhood behind and journeys into adulthood.  Guide and keep her each step of the way.  Give her wisdom, courage, and vision to follow the path marked by Jesus.  Bestow joy in your Spirit’s presence and bless her with all she may need, now and always.  In Christ we pray. (35)

Eternal God,
            We pray for your child, ____, who seeks your blessing as she leaves her home nest and flies into the unknown future.  In your mercy, offer her a clear vision of the way you would have her to go.  Grant her confidence in the gifts and abilities you bestow upon her and give her wisdom to use them well.  Let her serve your Reign with joyful integrity, and bless her throughout her days.  In Christ we pray.  (36)

Everlasting Lord,
            With joy at this important transition, we pray for your dear child, _____ as she leaves school and begins to make her way in the adult world.  We ask that you will give her the ability to live in the “now,” releasing the mistakes of the past and trusting the questions of the future to your loving care. Bless her with all that she may need each day, and guide her always in Christ’s paths of truth and peace.  In Him we pray. (37)

Gracious God,
            As your beloved daughter, _____, leaves behind the sanctuary of home and childhood and makes her way into the future, we ask your richest blessings.  Guide her steps and keep her safe as she journeys into full adulthood.  Grant her wisdom, faithfulness to the ways of Christ, and give her all she may need each day.  In the joy and hope of Christ we pray. (38)

Eternal Stream of Love,
            At this time of transition, as _____ assumes the mantle and burdens of adulthood, we pray for your grace to flow in abundance upon her. Help her to remember to live one day at a time so she will make room in her busy days for rest, for joy, and for your refreshing goodness.  Be her vision, her help and her hope as she lives into the joy of the future you have planned for her.  In Christ we pray. (39)

O God Our Way,
            We thank you for your guiding hand upon _____ throughout her life, and we especially thank you for the blessings and the challenges of college that have helped her to bloom into a mature woman of integrity and courage. We ask your Spirit’s blessings upon her now as she graduates and enters a new stage of her journey.  Guide and strengthen her now and forevermore.  In Christ we pray. (40)

Deep Well of Grace,
            How we thank you for the gift of spiritual waters that refresh and renew us.  Pour out your blessings now upon _____ as she graduates from high school and makes her way into the work force and the responsibilities of adulthood.   Grant her joy in the companionship of your Spirit as she follows the path of Christ to the still waters of peace that passes all understanding.  In your holy name we pray. (41)

For Parents When Children Leave Home (42-44)

Guide of Our Journey,
            You teach us how to trust you by letting go of our children when they come of age, that you may work out your good will. Although it is so very difficult to do, we know that it is the way you have designed life.  We thank you that we can rely on your good will and mercy to guide them and lead them in the way that you would have them to go!
            And we ask your blessings upon _____ and _____ as they now lift up their beloved, _____, trusting that you have a plan for her life and will bring it about. So as their heartstrings stretch and let go, may the melody of your grace soar within them, that even with their tears, they may sing and dance for joy.  In Christ we pray. (42)

O Loving God,
            You give us all we need each day as you challenge and woo us into becoming the persons you intend us to be.  How we thank you for _____’s beautiful becoming!  We are grateful for your blessings of ability, health, and intellect upon her.  And we thank you for the gentled heart and searching spirit that keeps her questing after you. Continue to guide and bless her in her studies and activities, in her rest and play.  In the peace of Christ we pray. (43)

God of All the Ages,
            We thank you for the ability to live in the present moment that gently offers us time to reflect on your goodness and to remember your greatness.  Bless your dear child, ____, now and each moment of her academic career.  Give her the wisdom and courage to find the true meaning behind the knowledge that she acquires, so she may always meet life boldly. Let her cup overflow with joy and let the light of Jesus lead her on.  In Christ we pray.  (44)

Students Away at School (45)
Gracious God,
            We ask your blessing upon _____ while she is away from her family, friends, and home. Guide her steps so she may make wise decisions.  May this experience prove to be a wonderful passage as she finds joy in her new friendships and satisfaction in her studies.  Grant her faith to leap toward things she cannot see, strength to hold dearly onto your good will, and love to spread Christ’s light and life to those around her.  In your Spirit we pray.  (45)

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