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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Engagement/Commitment (1-5)
Wedding/Commitment Ceremony (6-9)
Anniversary (10-25)
Anniversary in Challenging Times (26-27)
Couple Seeking Reconciliation (28)
Marriage/Commitment Restored (29)
Anniversary of a Marriage/Commitment Restored (30-32)
Going Through Divorce (33-34)

Engagement/Commitment (1-5)
O Binding One,
            You have called _____ and _____ into a life-giving relationship, and now they desire to bind themselves to one another with holy promises.  We seek the strength of your bounteous Spirit in this time of preparation for marriage.  Give them all they may need to support each other in mutual respect and love.  And bless them as they journey hand in hand into the future you have planned.  In Christ we pray. (1)

God of Jubilation,
            We rejoice with _____ and _____ at this time of engagement and ask your blessings as they prepare to make their covenant vows to each other. Thank you for this special relationship that nurtures them so richly and shines the light of love upon their families and friends. Let the roots of their love be watered by laughter, their leaves pruned by forgiveness, and their branches greened with joy.  Gird them with wisdom and peace and bless them for all of their days.  In Christ we pray. (2)

God of Covenant Promise,
            We lift before you _____ and _____, asking your blessings upon them as they prepare themselves to make their public vows of love and commitment. Keep them tethered to your Spirit and to one another, so when the storms arise and the dark times come they will not just survive, but may triumph in grace and hope.  Let the glow of their love be a blessing to others and help them sojourn in the peace and joy of Christ all their days. In your holy name we pray. (3)

Fountain of Grace,
Your grace is the cornerstone of our lives and we thank you for your presence behind us, with us, for us, and ahead of us as we journey through each day.  We thank you for your presence with _____ and _____, whose life together we celebrate today.  We are grateful for their journey together through the years and for all the ways you have blessed them with love and laughter, with children and a richness of relatives, friends and community.  We ask that you will continue pour out your goodness rain upon them in the coming year.  Give them all they may need and to liven their steps with joy and settle their rest with peace.  In the light of Christ we pray. (4)

God of All the Generations,
How we thank you for the gifts of grace that create in us the ability to see you more clearly, love you more dearly, and follow your Way more nearly, day by day. 
You lead us on our earthly journey within your abiding care, as you salt our days with joy in the midst of sorrow, light in the depths of darkness, and courage through the difficult times.  We especially thank you this day for the gift of marriage you give to ____ and her beloved husband, _____, and for the continuing journey of their __ years together. Continue to bless them with all they may need to abound in wisdom, hope and joy.  We pray all this in your Holy Name. (5)

Wedding/Commitment Ceremony (6-9) 
God of All Love,
            We celebrate the relationship of _____ and _____ as they bind their lives together in holy matrimony.  Pour your goodness out upon them that this marriage may be a tree of life to them.  Give them deep roots to hold fast to you and each other in stormy times.  May the tree of their love bring blossoms of blessings and fruits of your Spirit now and always.  In the joy and hope of Christ we pray. (6)

Gracious and Loving God,
            We extol you for the beauty and mystery of covenant love that teaches us to reach out beyond ourselves in humility, mutuality, and hope.  As _____ and _____ make their sacred vows to become as one, bless their life together.  Breathe your Spirit upon the commitment they make this day Let friendship and forgiveness keep them vibrantly alive with an ever-growing love, that they may be a source of blessings to all who know them throughout their days.  In Christ we pray. (7)

Binding God,
            We celebrate with _____ and _____ the covenant relationship to which you have called them.  We pray for their marriage and for the family that they have formed through their vows.  Anchor them in your faithful love, so that no power on earth can tear them asunder.  And give them all that they will need to be a lighthouse of hope to each other and the world.  In Christ we pray. (8)

Loving God,
            You have called _____ and _____ into a life-sustaining, life-changing covenant of marriage.  May they find their truest selves and deepest meaning for life within its bonds. And as we celebrate this sacred act of love, we ask you to breathe your Spirit upon them and bless them with all they will need through the years.  Feed them with the bread of angels and grant them the joy of abundant life now and always.  In Christ we pray. (9)

Anniversary (10-25)
Eternal Love,
            We thank you for these precious gifts of life, love and marriage that wrap us in your amazing grace!  And we are grateful for the precious gifts you have bestowed upon _____ and _____ through their years together.  Let your grace-filled blessings continue to abound in them, with them, and through them.  And keep them always rejoicing as they follow in the steps of Jesus along your paths of love.  In Christ we pray. (10)

Great Singer of Love,
            You place a song in our hearts and tune it to the Symphony of the Spheres.  Thank you for the beautiful harmony of _____ and ______ whose song of love has sounded for _____ years and whose life together resounds with your goodness and joy.  Bless them now and in the coming year with the light and peace of Christ.  In Christ we pray. (11)

God of the Ages,
            We thank you today for the covenant love of _____ and _____ who together have shared an overflowing measure of your goodness through the last _____ years. Continue to pour out your Spirit upon them now and in the coming year, we pray.  Bless them with good times, good health, and good hope, so their spirits may soar on the wings of your joy and their hearts may rest in Jesus' holy arms.  In Christ we pray. (12)

Kind and Loving God,
            How we thank you for the mystery of covenant love that makes us one in purpose through our commitment.  As _____ and ____ celebrate the mysteries and wonders of grace that their marriage/relationship has brought them, we pray they may continue to find blessing and joy each day of the coming year.  Bless their family and help them all to continue to rejoice in the goodness and peace of our Lord Jesus now and always.  In Christ we pray. (13)

Blessing God,
            We thank you for friendships that bind us together in mutual respect and joy and for the friendship of marriage that deepens our ability to love and persevere.  We are grateful for the lasting friendship and strong marriage of _____ and _____ that you have nurtured to grow deep and wide through their years together.  As they celebrate their life, their family, their friends, and their joy in you, bless them with all they may need to flourish in the coming time.  In Christ we pray. (14)

Giver of All Good Things,
            You bestow treasures from heaven.  We thank you for _____ and _____ whose marriage is a treasure that blesses them, their family, and friends.  We celebrate all of the ways they share your joy and good will with those around them.  Continue to pour out your heavenly Spirit upon them in the coming year as you lead them in the paths of peace.  In Christ we pray. (15)

God of Grace,
            We thank you for the countless ways you bless _____ and _____ and their family with your goodness,  and thank you for the strong bonds of faith, love, and hope that tethers them to each other and to you. Bless them in the coming year, we pray.  And continue to guide them in your path and bask in your blessings throughout the coming year.  In Christ we pray. (16)

Glorious God,
            In your loving goodness, we are led into life-giving relationships you use to  help shape us into our becoming.  We ask your good blessings on _____ and _____ as they live into their becoming.  Continue to strew their path with wisdom, hospitality, and joy.  And lead them beside the still waters of your peace each day.  In Christ we pray. (17)

God of Love,
            How grateful we are for the gift of marriage and for all the ways it helps us become more fully ourselves, more fully alive!  We are blessed by days and years lived in covenant love, and are grateful for the many years of covenant love between _____ and _____ .  Bless them now and in the coming year and continue to guide them into your paths of peace and joy-filled life.  In Christ we pray. (18)

Gracious God,
            Your grace transforms us into joyful witnesses of your love, that we may cherish all of life as we dwell within its sacred womb.   We thank you for the deep love you have given to _____ and _____ through the years.  We seek continued blessings upon them as they share their love, faith, and joy with those around them.  And may the wonders of your grace abound in them throughout the coming year.  In Christ we pray. (19)

God of Soaring Hope,
            You nurture us through relationships that give wings to our souls.  We thank you especially for the blessing of marriage that helps us become our truest selves as we learn what it means to live in covenant commitment.  We celebrate the years of soaring love for  _____ and _____ and pray for your deep blessings.  Nurture their hearts, strengthen their wings, and lead them in joy everlasting.  In Christ we pray. (20)

Ever-Giving God,
            The gift of marriage brings us into the fullness of earthly joy as it helps us become persons of kindness, forgiveness, and humility. We celebrate your gift to _____ and _____ and ask that they may continue to blossom and flourish.  Grant them all they may need in the coming year as you lead them ever closer to each other and to you.  In Christ we pray. (21)

Source of Goodness and Joy,
            You call us to pursue righteousness, justice, and peace in all of our relationships as you help us discover life abundant.  We celebrate the relationship of _____ and _____ today and the goodness and blessing it brings to them, their family, and this community.  May your Spirit continue to chart their course in the coming year and bring them a full measure of joy and hope each day.  In Christ we pray. (22)

Eternal Love,
            We lift our hearts in gratitude for your great gift of love.  We thank you for the wonderful relationship that you have called _____ and _____ into, and for all the ways it nurtures their hospitality of heart and contagious joy.  Bless them as they continue to journey along together, and give them all they may need to live in grace following in the light of Christ.  In Christ we pray. (23)

God of Sustaining Love,
            You have gently woven _____ and _____ together and have bound them for these _____years of marriage.  How we thank you that they have found your grace sufficient for all of their needs in plenty and in want, in joy and in sorrow, in sickness and in health, in light and in darkness! We are grateful for your promises fulfilled through them in covenant love and for the way they have shared that love with their family, neighbors, church, and strangers.  We ask that you will continue to look with favor upon them and as they make their way in the coming year, that no matter where they are or what may happen, their hearts and their home will be continue to be a beacon of the hospitality and grace of our Lord Jesus.  In Christ we pray. (24)

God of Goodness and Light,
We thank you this day for the relationship you have with all of Creation, with us of the human family, and with each one of us as your beloved children.  We especially thank you this day for the ever-deepening and widening ties that bind together_____ and____ within their circles. Bless them with all they may need this day and throughout the coming year.  Continue to guide them in the Way of Jesus with compassion, mercy, forgiveness, justice, and tolerance as the path they tread. And fill them to overflowing with joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, humility, and self-control as your Spirit pours such gifts upon them.  In Christ we pray. (25)

Anniversary in Challenging Times (26-27)
O God of Celebrations,
            We thank you for anniversaries that call us to celebrate the astonishing ways love can deepen and widen our hearts to overflowing even in the midst of challenging times.
We give you thanks for the love you have given to _____ and _____ and for the ways it blesses others.  In this time of darkness, let your blessings spill out on each of them as you lead them by your light everlasting.  Through Christ we pray. (26)

God of All Goodness,
            We are grateful for your power to save and redeem our tattered lives and shattered hopes, and for your grace that is sufficient for all of our needs.  We ask your grace upon on ______ and _____ as they celebrate the completion of another year together. And especially in these challenging times, sow seeds of blessing along their path, that they may reap a great harvest of your bountiful goodness.  In Christ we pray. (27)

Couples Seeking Reconciliation (28)
God of Miracles,
            You call us to weed out the harmful ways and bad habits that stifle our relationships and break apart the bonds of our attachment and in the process you help us learn to be our best selves.   As your children _____ and _____ struggle toward reconciliation, speak your love, patience and hope in their daily life.  Help them learn to listen carefully, as they cling to your mercy, forgiveness, and strength as they await your healing power to resurrect their marriage/relationship.  In Christ we pray. (28)

Marriage/Commitment Restored (29)
O Healing Hope,
            We are humbly awed by your power to restore when all seems lost and hopeless.  With hearts full of gratitude, we lift before you _____ and _____ who are committing anew to strengthen, deepen, and widen their patience, compassion, and love for each other through their marriage/commitment.  Bless them as only you can in the minutes, the hours, the days, the weeks, the months, and the years ahead, that they may rejoice in each other and in your power to resurrect all things. In the Resurrected Christ we pray. (29)

Anniversary of Marriage/Commitment Restored (30-32)
God our Redeemer,
            We thank you for your saving grace that has been working through the challenges that _____ and _____ have faced in their marriage/commitment.  We are grateful for the mending that they have undergone and for the forgiveness they have offered and received.  We celebrate your redeeming love that surprises us with joy. Continue to deepen their love and cause them to sing your praise now and in the coming years.  In Christ we pray. (30)

Loving God,
            We thank you for the countless ways you teach us what it means to love, to forgive, to hold on to what is good, and to let go of those things that do not allow life to flourish. We thank you for_____ and _____ and for holding them together and bringing them to a new beginning.  Guide them into ever-deeper understandings of love and give them joy to delight in and peace to share.  In Christ we pray. (31)

God of the Journey,
            We celebrate this special occasion of the gift you have given to _____ and _____ of ____ years of their marriage/commitment restored.  We thank you for both the challenges and the blessings that have come through this year/these years as they have each been shaped and reshaped by their new life together.  Continue to empower them to keep on keeping on when the way gets difficult or dark, so that they may once again rejoice in your light and love that shines so brightly in the valley of the shadows of hopelessness to bring joy and peace each day.  In the light of Christ we pray. (32)

Going Through Divorce (33-34)
O Gracious God,
            A time of deep darkness and pain has come upon _____ as her marriage is torn asunder.  She hungers for signs of your grace through this wrenching time of starting over.  Place your healing hand upon the wounds of heart and soul, and comfort her children and family as they too must adjust to this new beginning.  Help them to find their security in you. Give each of them wisdom and courage to heed your guiding grace as they take these steps away from the only life they have known. And make your face to shine upon them so that in this dark time, they may find their way to healing and a new life of grace and peace. In Christ we pray. (33)

God of New Beginnings,
            We do not know what the future holds, but we know in whose hands it is held.  We ask your bless upon our sister, _____, as her divorce is finalized.  Lead her on in this new phase of her journey with you and help her continue to move from darkness and pain into the light of hope.  And grant her the ability to forgive and let go of the past, as she abides with you in the peace that passes all understanding.  In Christ we pray. (34)

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