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Thursday, November 17, 2016

News of Pregnancy (1-2)
Fertility Treatments (3-4)
Unwanted Pregnancy (5)
Danger of Miscarriage (6-7)
Miscarriage (8)
Premature Birth (9)
Birth of a Baby (10-12)
Birth to a Single Mother (13)
Giving Up a Child for Adoption (14)
Arrival of an Adopted Child (15)
For Parents to Pray for Their Children (16)
Foster Families (17)
Grandparents (18-19)
News of Pregnancy (1-2)
God of All Life,
            We rejoice at the miracle of new life now being shaped within _____.  We thank you for the promise of blessing this child represents and pray the gift health and strength as _____ (the mother), _____ (the father) and baby journey together towards the birthing day.  May all be well and in accordance with your good will and mercy.  And let the light of Christ shine upon this family all their days.  In Him we pray. (1)

God of Miracles,
May the advent of this child now making her way into the arms of her loving family, bring a joy overflowing into their hearts and into the world that awaits her.
And may the love that they pour upon her, and she upon them, spring forth into the world around her, that everywhere she may go in life, she will bring joy, and peace, and hope. To the end that her life will be a witness to the blessings of being alive, and her heart-song reflect your amazing grace throughout all her days. In your Holy Name we pray. (2)

Undergoing Fertility Treatments (3-4)
God of Hopeful Hearts,
            Especially in times of personal struggle, your tender mercies restore our souls.  Bless now _____ and _____ who are seeking a child through the medical procedures before them.  If the conception of a baby is in accordance with your good will, then send it on its way into this couple’s yearning arms.  If you have other plans, then help them to find your will as they wait patiently for your guidance. In Jesus we pray. (3)

God of All Life
You are the Beginning and Ending of all life--the power of Creation is in your hands from the storms of the sea to the sweet and gentle feel of a baby's breath upon a parent's cheek.  We bless you that we can trust your good will and compassionate heart as each day we await the creation of the path you set before us.
We pray now for _____and _____as they look to you to lead them through the medical procedures so they may know the great blessing of a child conceived and born to them. But whatever the outcome may be, grant that they may rest assured of your abundant grace leading them on their way, now and always.  In Jesus’ name. (4)

Unwanted Pregnancy (5)
Author of Life,
            We acknowledge that you are in control of our days, and we are not.  We are humbly dependent on you for all things, and trust that your goodness will be manifested in all of the circumstances of life.  We pray for _____ and _____, who are faced with a pregnancy they did not want.  They seek your wisdom and blessing at this time of unexpected life. Speak your word of love and grace to their hearts and lead them in the way you would have them to go.  In Christ we pray. (5)

Danger of Miscarriage (6-7)
O Womb of Life,
Your steadfast love and mercy precedes, accompanies, and follows us from our first heartbeat until our last.  We thank you for your tender mercies to all who you call into life but especially today for _____'s and _____'s precious child on her journey toward birth and presence among her family.  
We pray that she will have the time within the womb to grow bigger and stronger.  We ask for safe journey for her and her mother, and for her father, grandparents and other loved ones that wait in love gathered around mother and child. And touch the minds and hands of their medical teams, that they may be the healing, hopeful hands of Christ. In His light and peace we pray. (6)

O God of Harrowing Times,
            Your steadfast love precedes us, accompanies us, and follows us each day.  How we thank you for your tender mercies as we turn to you now in trust, knowing that your grace is sufficient for all our needs.
            We pray for _____ and her baby as together they make this perilous journey toward birth and new life.  Bless them, O bless them with all they may need each day.  Send hovering angels to attend them as _____ plays his difficult part to support and encourage.  Strengthen them with perseverance, courage, and the heavenly gifts of joy and peace as they await the coming time.  In the light of Christ. (7)

Miscarriage (8)
God of Sorrowing Hearts,
            You astound us with the mystery of your presence with us.  Especially in times of grief and loss, we find your tender love and mercy soothing our pains and calming our trembling souls. 
            Hear our prayers on behalf of _____ and _____ who have just undergone the wrenching loss of miscarriage.  Soothe their sorrow, comfort their grieving hearts, and give them the consolation of your Spirit’s strength to see them through this difficult time.  Bring healing to this home and restore their hope.  We pray in the love and grace of our Lord Jesus, Savior of all. (8)

Premature Birth (9)
Whirlwind of Grace,
In trust and hope we lift up your beloved child, _____, as you continue to form her inward parts and knit her together in her pseudo-womb. We praise you and thank you for her life, for she is fearfully and wonderfully made.  We pray that the healing power of Spirit Breath flowing into her little self will give all she may need each day, until she can survive on her own.  
Bless her and all who surround her at this perilous time.  May their love and care be the life-giving touch of the compassionate tears of Jesus upon her, the breath of your steadfast love and abiding presence.  We pray that your will may be done through the sure and certain grace and peace of Christ.(9)

Birth of a Baby (10-12)
Gracious God,
            How grateful we are for the gift of life with all its wonders and mysteries!  We celebrate the new life of little _____ and ask your special blessings upon her throughout her years.  Grant her parents your Spirit’s wisdom and guidance that they may raise her to be a woman who soars on the wings of joy.  And give them all they will need each day, now and evermore.  In Christ we pray. (10)

Creator God,
            How we praise you for the new life of ______!  Thank you for placing her in a family where she will learn what it means to love and be loved.  Bless her as her parents  nurture and guide this sweet and wonderful gift from you.  May they teach her to see you more clearly, love you more dearly, and follow you more nearly, day by day. In Christ we pray. (11)

O Fountain of Life,
            You are our Father and our Mother, the Head of all families. We thank you for the new life you have given to the _____ family in their daughter ______.  Give her a life brim-full of health and joy and let her grow into a woman who will find courage to pursue justice and peace.  May your grace that guards her heart and mind bless her now and always. In Christ we pray. (12)

Birth to a Single Mother (13)
Holy God,
            New life, new love, and new hope are your gifts to _____ this day as she celebrates her new son/daughter, ______.  Bless them in their needs, we pray.  They need your wisdom and guidance; Lord, we ask it.  They need your strength and courage; Lord, we pray it.  They need your vision and hope; Lord, we seek it for them and for us all.  Help us to be the village that is so needed by mother and child. Give them all she may need and make your face to shine upon them now and always.  In Christ we pray. (13)

Giving Up a Child for Adoption (14)
God Whose Giving Knows No Ending,
            At all times and in all places, you abide with us and call us your beloved children. But especially in the difficult times and the hardest places, you embrace us with your compassion and mercy.  Have mercy now upon your beloved child, _____, who has given her child to be parented by someone who can care and provide for her. Give her all she may need to heal from this wound and to find hope for tomorrow. And we pray your blessings upon the child and bless the adoptive parents that they may thrive as a new family in love and joy all their days. In Christ we make this heartfelt prayer. (14)

Arrival of an Adopted Child (15)
Creating God,
            In awe at the magnificence of life, we thank you for the child, _____,whom you have now brought into the _____family.  Thank for her new parents who will help teach her what it means to be loved and cared for in life-giving ways.  Give them the wisdom to help her blossom and flourish and bring them all together into the grace-filled future you have planned for this newly enlarged family.  In Christ we pray. (15)

For Parents to Pray for Their Children (16)
God of the Journey,
            We ask your abundant blessings upon our dear children, (names).  Grant us the grace to love them patiently and well.  Let us be a calm presence for each one whom you entrust in our care through all of the ups and downs of the days and years.  Give us the wisdom to know when to hold on tightly and when to let them soar.  And with a sure sense of our hands in yours, lead us as a family abiding together in the light and peace of Christ.  In Him we pray. (16)

Foster Families (17)
Holy Creator,
            You create many shapes and forms of families, all unique, all blessed by your providential care.  We thank you for the new family you have formed in calling _____ and _____ into the challenge and blessing of foster parenting  _____( and _____).  Bind them all together with bonds of love and respect so that each may thrive and that their time together may be a portrait of your gracious Rule on earth.  In Christ we pray. (17)

For Grandparents (18-19)
You have brought forth new life and we are most grateful for blessing this family with a new generation.  Richly bless the sweet baby and her family, especially _____and _____ as they chart the new course of grand parenthood.  Let their love convey the touch of Christ in every hug and kiss.  As they seek to support and sustain the busy new parents, inspire them to claim your blessings through their prayers, their love, and their hope.   In Christ we pray. (18)

God of the Generations,
            How we thank you for the gift of this new child, _____, and the joy she brings to parents and her glowing grandparents _____ and _____.  We ask your blessings upon her through the years as she learns from them what it means to love and to open her heart in kindness and compassion to her world.  And we pray for the world she and her generation inherits, that it may be rich in justice and peace, where all life may flourish.  In the name of Jesus Christ we pray. (19)

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