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Thursday, November 17, 2016

General Healing (1-29)

General Healing

You who live in the shadow of the Most High, who abide in the shadow of the Almighty,
will say to the LORD, ‘My refuge and my fortress; my God in whom I trust.’
Psalm 91: 1-2 

Great Hovering God,
            Your shadow is our shelter and your steadfast love is our refuge when times are difficult and we cannot help ourselves.  We thank you for the gift of faith you have given to your daughter, _____, that allows her to trust that your abiding shelter is sufficient for all of her needs. Cover her with your strong wings of compassionate care that she may find perseverance and patience to await your healing touch as she continues to walk in the Way of Jesus.  In His touch we pray. (1)

Merciful God,
            You are our refuge and our shield from the storms of life.  How we bless you for the gift of faith that helps us trust your abiding presence with _____, who turns to you for refuge and healing.  Keep your wings of healing outstretched, that she may find the strength and perseverance she needs to attain full recovery and mobility.  And enfold her in the blessed peace of Christ now and always.  In Him we pray. (2)

For I am ready to fall, and my pain is ever with me. . .Do not forsake me, O LORD; O my God, do not be far from me; make haste to help me, O God of my salvation.  Psalm 38: 17, 21-22

God of the Journey,
            It is your steadfast love and mercy that awakens us each morning and that tucks us in each night.  Even when we feel forsaken and alone in our troubles, you are ever present to guide and to bless.  We pray now for _____ as she and her doctors continue to try to get her medications better regulated, and that you will lead them to the appropriate ones in the appropriate combinations and amounts, that she may quickly find relief for her suffering.  Bless her now and guide her feet in the way of peace as she looks to Jesus’ light, love, and hope.  In Christ we pray. (3)

Compassionate God,
            You know our needs even before we ask, and you answer our prayers according to your good will and mercy.  And so with confidence in your faithful love and care, we pray for your child _____ in her time of illness.  Give her all she may need each day, and bless her with your abundant goodness.  Let your healing Spirit imbue her fainting heart and weakened body with hope, and grant her your peace.  In Christ we pray. (4)

Fear not, for I have redeemed you; I have summoned you by name, you are mind.  When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you.  When you walk through the fire you will not be burned, for the flames will not set you ablaze.  For I am the LORD. . .your God.  Isaiah 43:1c-3a

Refining Fire of Holiness,
            You burnish and polish us through all of the challenges of life until, with Christ, until we shine in the darkness.  We are so very blessed that you gift us with life just one day at a time, that we may be mindful of your abiding Spirit in the present moment, leaving the past and future to be woven into your Great Design.
            We are grateful for your healing hand upon our sister, _____, and rejoice in the progress she is making. In your mercy continue to meet her needs and lead her ever onward in the deep peace and rising joy of Christ.  In Christ we pray. (5)

O Depth of Mercy,
            We ask your tender, healing touch upon your precious daughter, _____, as she seeks a return to better health.  Place your healing hand upon her that she may draw deeply upon your grace and empowering Spirit.  And grant her comfort and peace as she must lie quietly on her bed of pain praying her doctors can discover its cause and begin a course of healing and returning energy.  Hear her prayers, O Lord and  hear our prayers for her that she may soon be up and about once again active in her home, church, and community. In Christ’s we pray. (6)

Everlasting God,
            We thank you for your Spirit that hovers over us throughout our days, especially when we are in great need for your healing, saving touch. We beseech your healing breath to blow upon our sister  _____ in this time of illness.  Be with her medical care team, that they may be the mind and hands upon her as you bless her according to her need and your great mercy.  And cause your face to shine upon her now and always.  In Christ we pray. (7)

God of Grace,
            You call us to seek your face whenever courage falters, despair nips at our heels, or hope is hidden in the tangle of our wills with yours.  And so we call upon you now on behalf of our dear friend _____.  Bless her, encourage her, and defeat her despair.  Heal her body, mind, and spirit and turn her laments of pain and suffering into triumphant songs of praise.  In Christ we pray. (8)

God of All Life,
            When our journey takes us through the wilderness, we know that you are with us and will never abandon us.  In your mercy, we ask you to anoint _____ with a keen awareness of your faithful presence in her life as you touch her with your Spirit that she may find the healing she seeks.  And bless her with the courage, perseverance, and joy that is hers through the grace of Jesus.  In Christ we pray. (9)

God of Saving Grace,
            As you faithfully keep covenant with us in love and compassion, we rely moment by moment on your abiding presence.  Pour out your Spirit now upon your child _____, as she goes through this dark and harrowing time.  Strengthen and sustain her as you extend the warmth of Christ’s presence through the touch of his healing hand.  Give her courage to endure and grace to thrive in praise and peace.  In Christ we pray. (10)

O Everlasting Arms,
            As in a mother’s embrace, you nurture and sustain us.  Continue to uphold and enfold your beloved child _____, and bless her according to her need and your great mercy.  As she seeks your healing touch, may she find an overflowing measure of the radiant joy and the sweet peace of communion with you.  In Christ we pray. (11)

God Our Maker,
            You complete your creation in us each day: healing our bodies, minds, and spirits while you chase away the darkness of life with the light of Christ.  In this time of darkness, pain and despair, we ask that your healing grace may fill _____ with health and vitality.  Change her weeping into shouts of joy and her despair into wings of hope.  And grant her a full measure of peace—pressed down and running over.  In Christ we pray. (12)

Giver of All Life,
            We are grateful for the gifts of life, faith, and hope that call us to rejoice in your amazing grace, no matter the chaos around us.  Our friend, _____, seeks your healing hand upon her as she battles this chaotic disease.  May your Spirit’s breath give her all she may need.  And let the marvelous peace of Christ settle gently in the deepest parts of her soul.  In Him we pray. (13)

Compassionate God,
            According to your tender mercies and good will, restore _____'s energies and give her the ability to be out and about among others again, to share her love for you and your world.  But even while in her confinement and disability, lead her into a deeper, richer experience of your saving grace.  Let your face shine upon her that she may continue to ride a rainbow of joy now and always.  In Christ we pray. (14)

O Great Refuge,
            We know that you are near and sustain us in all the circumstances of our days.  We pray for your strong eternal Spirit to be upon our dear, _____, whose circumstances cause her weakness and despair.  Give her the health and strength she is awaiting according to your good will and mercy.  Be her peace and comfort today and light a kaleidoscope of hope in her heart.  In Christ we pray. (15)

O God of Grace,
            In this time of pain, suffering, and disease, we ask the presence of Christ to be with _____ in ways she might recognize.  Be with those who care for her and work daily toward her returning health.  Send your Holy Spirit to touch her with your strength, comfort, and peace.  Bless her with all she may need to surmount this crisis and keep her eyes fixed upon Jesus, her Savior and Friend.  In Christ we pray. (16)

God of Healing Hope,
In the midst of our helplessness, we praise you for your good will for each of us that is conceived in your passionate love and brought to fruition through the joys and challenges of our days.  In the face of our fears, we praise you for the balm of your peace and consolation.  And in our struggles of body, mind, and spirit, we lift our prayers of gratitude you do provide by your amazing power to revive and restore us.
We hold up now our friend, _____ for your continued blessings of healing grace.  Grant her the vitality and strength of your Spirit’s touch.  Giver her and _____ all they may need this day, according to your abundant mercy.  And lead them ever onward in the light and joy of Jesus our Savior. (17)

. . .those who hope in the LORD will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.  Isaiah 40:31

Eternal God,
            To turn to you is to soar, to endure, and to triumph.  And so we turn and wait upon your healing Breath to lift our dear _____ to bring her to vitality and healing according to your good will.  Lead her gently in this dark time of unknowing and pain, and shine your light of grace and peace upon her that she may not just survive but soar.  In Christ we pray. (18)

O God of Covenant Love,
            In the midst of our helplessness, we praise you for your goodness.  In the face of our fears, we praise you for the balm of your peace.  And in the battle of bodies fighting for better health, we praise you for your strength.  Bless our dear _____ with the vitality, healing, and grace of your Spirit’s touch.  Give her all she needs this day and lead her ever onward into the light and joy of your abundant life.  We pray in the power of Christ to restore and renew us all. (19)

O Sovereign Ruler of the Universe,
            You call us to trust that you are working out your good will in the midst of all of the challenges of life, and that your grace is sufficient for today.  May your abiding Spirit continue to pour out all of the strength and perseverance that _____ needs for this day.  Bring her to wholeness according to your good will and mercy and confer upon her your healing light and peace.  In Christ we pray. (20)
Merciful God,
            Through all of life we are upheld and sheltered by your everlasting arms. What, then, shall we fear?  Bless _____ now in her discomfort and pain and give her good hope as she seeks your healing.  Calm her fears and let the touch of those who surround her with care and concern be your gracious hands upon her.  In Christ we pray. (21)

Great Sustainer of Our Days,
            In your merciful care, you hear our prayers and are quick to respond according to your good will and mercy.  Hear us as we pray for your tender mercies to flow upon _____ now and in the days ahead.  Bless her with your healing presence as she seeks a return to full health and mobility.  Diminish her pain, shatter her fears, mend her body, and help her to rest patiently in you.  In Christ we pray. ()

O Great Physician,
            Trusting in your faithfulness, we pray for our dear sister, _____, who is in need of your consolation and healing touch.  Be for her a light in darkness, a balm in anxiety, and a roadmap in uncertainty.  Grant her strength and courage, rest and hope, and bathe her wounds in your refreshing joy and peace.  We ask through Christ our Savior and Friend. (22)

O Canopy of Grace,
            In steadfast love and mercy, you stretch a tent of compassionate care over us all our days.  We pray on behalf of our sister, _____, whose needs are great at this time of illness and despair.  Let your Spirit rest upon her as a warming blanket, and your peace embrace her as she awaits your healing.  And may the hands that touch and tend her be the hands of Christ upon her. In Him we pray. (23)

Eternal Love,
            You bestow upon us all that is needed for triumphant living, no matter the circumstances in which we find ourselves. We ask your grace-filled blessings to continue to pour out upon our dear sister _____, according to her need and your goodness and mercy.  Give to her the daily bread of your solace, energize her with your Spirit’s strength, and fill her with the hope of your healing.  In Christ we pray. (24)

Great Guiding Light,
            We praise you for your goodness that gives hope and purpose to our lives, no matter our circumstances.  We thank you for the healing that _____ has received and pray you will continue to bless her, granting her wisdom, peace, joy, and strength for the living of her days.  And help her joyfully follow in the steps of Christ as he leads her ever onward.  In Him we pray. (25)

O You Who Lifts our Heads,
            We join our voices with the saints in every time and place to thank you for your greatness and mercy! And as we bless you, we ask your blessing upon _____, who is awaiting your healing touch.  Help her spirit soar, even while her body is bound by pain and disability.  Give her all she may need according to your merciful good will and grant to her the joy and peace of deep communion with you.  In Christ we pray. (26)

God of the Sweet and the Bitter,
            You know us far greater than we know ourselves and you bless us with your grace in every circumstance of our lives.  And so we lift before you now the circumstances in _____’s life that keep her in deep need and lingering sorrow.  In your mercy, grant her a sure certainty of your presence and an abundant portion of your healing grace.  Give her all she needs each day and let your light shine on her.  In the peace of Christ we pray. (27)

O God of Miracles,
            We are grateful for all of your abundant mercies upon _____ throughout the years, but especially during this time of trauma and confinement. We see your Spirit's hand upon her as every day she grows stronger and closer to complete recovery.  Your healing grace is the source of her thanksgiving and your comforting presence is the source of her joy.  We rejoice in Christ with confidence and praise.  Hallelujah!  (28)

Compassionate One,
            Your steadfast love and mercy are the source of all healing and hope, and so we pray for your blessings upon _____ in her time of need.  Send your Spirit's mighty power to make her whole and well, so she may once again have full use of her body without pain.  Let those who tend her have the healing touch of Christ in their hands and infuse your deep, sweet peace in her heart.  In Christ we pray. (29)

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