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Thursday, November 17, 2016

New Home (1-5)
For a House Blessing (6-7)
Coming Out (8)
When a Family Member Comes Out (9)
Achieving Citizenship (10)
New Job (11-13)
Moving for a New Job (14-15)
For Pet and Human (16)

New Home (1-5)
God our Dwelling Place,
            We thank you for your providential care that has led _____ and _____ to their new home, and we pray your blessing upon it.  May your Spirit refresh them in body, mind, and soul as they put down roots and branch out into their new community.  And may their love and joy shine upon their new neighbors and reflect upon them to bless and welcome them home. And continue to lead them in the light and peace of our Lord Jesus.  In Christ we pray. (1)

God of Tents and Palaces,
            How grateful we are for new beginnings throughout our lives, especially for the hope and promise they bring.   We ask your special blessings upon _____ and _____ and their family as they settle into their new home, new community, and new routines.  Guide their days, guard their nights, and let your light shine through them so that your peace may fill their home and bring a sense of joy to all who enter its doors.  In Christ we pray. (2)

Guardian of Our Days,
            Seeking your guidance, _____ has heard your call to another position. And so we pray for her and her family as they move to _____.  Bless their new home and give them joy in their daily lives, integrity in their service to your people, and an ever-deepening hunger for your abiding presence.  And let the peace of Christ be their sure companion now and in the years to come.  In Christ we pray. (3)

Precious Lord,
            We pray for your blessings upon _____ as she leaves the house that has sheltered her and her family all these years. Let the echoes of their laughter, tears, and joy accompany her as she makes a new home.  As she settles into her new apartment, may it quickly fill with the vibrations of good times, gracious hospitality, and whispering hope that she may always find her True Home in you.  In Christ we pray. (4)

Home of All Hearts, Hearth of All Souls,     
We bless and thank you for the mysterious ways you guide us in our pilgrimage.  We are grateful for your compassionate love, your breath of life, your renewing power and especially today for this house that _____ now calls home.
We ask you Spirit’s breath upon her as she settles into her new place.  May this abode be a source of comfort, creativity, peace and joy. Let your light shine upon it and through it so that those in need may find light in the darkness and welcome in a time of weariness. In your holy Name we pray. (5)

For a House Blessing (6-7)
Eternal God,
            May the soul of this new home for the _____ family be a wellspring of joy in the years ahead.  Help each of them blossom and flourish as they share their lives together in ardent love and deep compassion.  Let the breath of your Spirit inscribe this home with the echoes of their laughter and tears.  And let your great name be praised through the kindness and mercy shown to and received by those who shelter within its walls.  In Christ we pray. (6)

Everlasting Father,
            You give us a home and help us to flourish within it.  We thank you for the new house of the _____family.  May its walls embrace them with your grace to offer respite, hospitality, and sanctuary to all who enter through its doors.  
Let the light of Christ shine upon parents and children to bless them with all they may need throughout the coming years.  Let their laughter and joy fill this home with thanksgiving and let praise fill each of their hearts.  In your Holy Name we pray. (7)

Coming Out (8)
God of Grace,
            Calling us to seek to be true to who you intend us to be, you lead us to the truth that sets us free.  Your beloved child, _____, feels your hand leading her to come out as a gay/bisexual/transgendered woman.  We ask your mighty Spirit upon her, especially when others are quick to judge and quicker to condemn.  Give her patience and good will that she may make her way with integrity and peace through all of her days following in the Way of Jesus. In Christ we pray. (8)

When a Family Member Comes Out (9)
Guiding God,
            Believing that you bring abundant life and goodness from all circumstances, we seek your blessing upon _____ and _____ whose beloved child has given them the gift of her truest self in coming out.  As they begin to readjust their thinking, their memories and their dreams for her, let the truth set them free to see more clearly, love more dearly, and follow Jesus more nearly day by day.  In Christ we pray. (9)

Achieving Citizenship (10)
God of All Life,
We are grateful for the countless ways you bless us as we journey through our earthy life, even when the way is dark and difficult.  And we thank you for providing the gift of sanctuary and new earthly homes when the way seems hopeless.  We bless you for your care and guidance all along the way.
Continue to pour out your abundant grace upon your daughter, _____, and her family, we pray, as they celebrate her amazing achievement of citizenship in their new homeland. And bless them with all they may need each day to thrive in faith, flourish in love, and abound in hope, now and always.  In Christ our True Home we pray. (10)

For a New Job (11-13)
Guiding God,
            What a blessing it is to have meaningful work to do that both challenges and fulfills us! We ask your blessings now upon _____ as she takes up the new job that you have guided her to.  Give her all she needs to adjust to the increased demands and pressures and still find the balance she will need to rest and play and stay closely attuned to your goodness and peace.  In Christ we pray.  (11)

God of New Beginnings,
            We ask your abiding presence with _____ as she assumes the responsibilities of her new job.  Give her all she may need each day to accomplish her work with good will and patience.  Help her to fulfill this new calling with courage, enthusiasm, integrity, and joy.  And empower her by your Spirit to follow in the steps of Jesus each and every day.  In Christ we pray. (12)

O Matrix of Goodness and Hope,
Your steadfast love is the beating heart of all Creation, the animating spirit of grace that dances in, through, and over all that exists, all that lives.  We pour out our gratitude for the gift of life, even when our steps are uncertain and our legs are shaky.
We thank you today for the clarity you have given your beloved child, _____, in leading her to resign her position so that she can invest her time and energy toward self-compassion and her focus on the health issues she is dealing with. We are grateful for the sense of peace she is finding through this process, and pray your continued guidance as she seeks a job that will pay her bills to support her as she goes through the treatments and procedures to bring the healing she is seeking.
Bless her with all she may need today and each day of the coming time. May she find the job she needs and continue to find joy in the moment, light in the darkness, and the peace that passes all understanding, for her sake and for the sake of your Cause of Goodness. (13) 

Moving for a New Job (14-15)
Searching Light of Life,
You take our hand and oh so gently guide us into paths of abundant life and flourishing goodness.  How we thank you for the assurance that you go before us and behind, hemming us in as you lay your hand upon us. Such knowledge is too wonderful for us to comprehend for it is beyond our ability to conceive the depths of your steadfast love and faithfulness.
We pray for your dear daughter _____as she travels down this new path of your own choosing.  Continue to bless her in her new home and job.  Meet her every need with your grace and hold her fast as she joyfully follows your leading into abundant life and greening hope.  In Christ we pray. (14)

God of the Journey,
            We thank you with joyful hearts for the countless ways you weave your gracious will into the fabric of our daily lives.  Particularly at this time, we thank you for your guidance to _____’s new job as ______(position) in _____ (city). 
We ask your deep blessings upon her and her family as they move to this new place to begin this leg of their adventure together.  Bless them as the family settles into their new home and she dives into her new position as they look to you for the light, peace, and joy of Christ, now and always.  In your holy name we pray. (15)

For Pet and Human (16)
God of All Creatures Great and Small,
We thank you for the vast diversity of creatures to which you give life and for which you have a unique and holy purpose.  We are grateful for the way your creatures form bonds of affection beyond species, especially today we thank you for the bonds between (human) _____ and (pet) _____. 
Bless this little “family” as they both go through their separate difficulties and physical challenges, supporting and encouraging each other along the way.  Keep _____ confident of your loving care, and help her and the veterinary team find the treatment that will help lead to better health and comfort for _____. And may they continue to enjoy this special gift of love as you give it, and be grateful for these bonds that nurture their spirits and souls.  In the name of all that is holy we pray. (16)

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