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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Medical Testing or Hospital Stay (30-37)
After a Fall or Accident (38-44)
Before Surgery (45-50)
Before a Child’s Surgery (51-53)
After Surgery (53-59)
Intensive Care or Isolation (60-61)
Awaiting Organ Transplant (62)
Transplant Recipient and Donor (64)
Two Patients in One Family (65-74)
Thanksgiving for a Good Report (75-78)

Hospitals & Surgery

Medical Testing or Hospital Stay (30-37)
Gracious God,
            Throughout our lives you hold us tenderly within your heart, but especially in times of unknowing and fear you are our comfort, our strength, and our hope. We pray that you will help _____ find the cause of her distress and relief from her pain. Guide the doctors and technicians that she may quickly get back to her normal activities, and bless her with your grace and peace.  In Jesus' name we pray. (30)

Merciful God,
            We know that whatever our circumstances may be, we can find what we need because of your amazing grace.  We ask that you will place your Spirit's healing hand upon _____, that whatever is causing her body such distress may be quickly diagnosed and remedied.  Let her recovery be seeded by your faithful love and watered by your overflowing peace that she may flourish each day.  In Christ we pray. (31)

God of All Blessing,
            We know that there is nothing beyond your power to bless.  And so we pray for our sister _____ as she lies in pain upon her hospital bed awaiting your healing grace. Give her assurance of your presence and help her to trust your good will and mercy.  And may all who care for her convey your touch.  In the light and peace of Christ we pray. (32)

Compassionate God,
            Through all of life we are upheld and sustained by your never-failing love.  At the throne of your grace we now call upon you on behalf of your dear daughter, _____. Bless her with courage and strength as she undergoes the tests and hears her diagnosis.  Grant her healing according to your good will and compassion and keep her heart tuned to hear your voice in the days to come as she clings in trust and hope to Jesus.  In Him we pray. (33)

Healing God,
            You walk with us through our troubles and work out your good purposes in all of the circumstances of our days. So we ask for your tender, healing touch upon _____ in this time of unknowing.  May your saving grace sustain her through the pain, the dizziness, and the difficult testing she must undergo.  And as she draws strength and hope from Jesus her Friend, enable her to pray, "Thy will be done."  In Christ we pray. (34)

God Our Shepherd,
            You lead us to still waters where you fill our cup of life to overflowing, even as you quiet our souls.  Be now a source of courage, perseverance, and goodness for _____ as she battles yet another setback.   May the touch of her caregivers bring healing balm upon her body and spirit. Bless her with all she may need for this difficult day, and fill her to overflowing with the light and peace of Jesus.  In Christ we pray. (35)

God of All Creation,
            The faith you give us calls us to lean on your grace that is sufficient for all our needs.  You remind us to be confident that you are working out your good will.  In this time of _____'s ongoing struggle, bless her with all that she needs.  May her medical team find the cause of her problems so she may find the mobility she seeks.  And comfort her now and always with the light and peace of Christ.  In your holy name we pray. (36)

God of the Here and Now,
            We thank you for your Spirit that abides with us to comfort and to bless, especially during dark times of unknowing. We rejoice that _____ has made it safely thus far through her ordeal.  Restore her to health and wholeness by the healing balm of your Spirit's breath.  And hear the prayers of those who patiently wait by her bedside in love and hope.  In Christ we pray. (37)

After a Fall or Accident (38-44)
Heavenly Rest,
            Like a good shepherd, you tend us as your flock, caring for our needs and injuries.  We thank you for your Spirit's touch upon our friend, _____, a healing touch that causes broken bones to knit and injuries to mend.  We ask that you will continue to bless her and restore her to full mobility, according to your good will and mercy.  May she stand in hope and walk in the light and peace of Christ now and always.  In Him we pray. (38)

The LORD is faithful in all his words, and gracious in all his deeds.  The LORD upholds all who are falling, and raises up all who are bowed down.  The eyes of all look to you, and you give them their food in due season.  You open your hand, satisfying the desire of every living thing. Psalm 145: 13b-16

God of the Open Hand,
            We praise and thank you for your faithfulness of heart and graciousness of deeds.  We look to you now on behalf of _____ and ask that you will open your hand to meet her every need as she continues to recover from her surgery and work through the agonizing therapy for her broken body.  Bless her with all she needs as she seeks guidance to greater strength and mobility until once again she may dance in thanksgiving and joy with body, mind, and spirit.  In Christ’s grace we pray. (39)

God Our Strength,
            We pray that your healing presence will be upon our dear friend, _____, as she recovers from her fall.  Let your wondrous Spirit heal her bumps and bruises, her aches and pains, and especially her broken _____(body part).  May your tender care and mercy mend her and make her mobile again.  Grant her patience and hope, and guard her coming in and her going out throughout her days. In Christ we pray. (40)

The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear?
The LORD is the stronghold of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?  Psalm 27:-12

O Light of the World,
            We are grateful that we can rest confidently in the stronghold of your care as you heal and sustain us.  How we bless you that in our weariness you give us the courage and strength to endure in the midst of the challenges and fears that life brings to us.  Continue to embrace your beloved child _____ with all she may need for her complete recovery as you allay her fears and light up her heart with hope.  Through the compassion and tears of Jesus we pray. (41)

God our Maker,
            We thank you that we can never stray beyond your unblinking eye, nor fall by the wayside unnoticed.  We bless you for your tight hold upon _____ during this time of trauma from her accident.  We pray that you will continue to tend and bless her through these difficult [weeks/months] of recovery.  Mend her body and favor her soul with all she may need to let hope and joy blossom along the way.  In Christ we pray. (42)

O Hovering God,
            You carry us when we are weak and heal us when we are wounded, helping us to remember the life-long blessings of your gracious love.  We ask your Spirit’s healing touch upon our sister, _____, as she struggles with her wounded body and heart.  Carry her over the rough spots and bless her according to her need and your compassionate goodness that she may abide in the grace and peace of Christ.  In Jesus we pray. (43)

Gracious God,
            We are in awe of the ways you bless so abundantly, especially in the midst of dark and uncertain times.  Bless our friend, _____, through the nurses, doctors, and technicians who seek her return to health and mobility.  Let their hands be the hands of Christ upon her as you continue to fill her heart with love, her body with energy, and her soul with the peace of Christ.  In the Spirit's power we pray. (44)

Before Surgery (45-50)
O Living God,
            Your faithful care of us is from everlasting to everlasting. Extend that care now to _____ as she undergoes her surgery.  Let your Spirit be with all the medical team who will tend and care for her, giving them clear minds and steady hands as she goes through these perilous times.  And bring her to a swift and complete recovery according to your good will and mercy.  In Christ we pray. (45)

O Healing God,
            You know _____’s need at this time as she awaits her surgery in both anxiety and hope for good results.  Speak to her heart and allay her fears, we pray.  Guide the hands of all who will be caring for her.  Give her a safe passage and strength to meet the challenges of recovery and rehabilitation with courage and trust in you. Attend to her needs according to your good will, and bless her through Jesus our Savior.  In Christ we pray. (46)

O Whispering Hope,
            Even as we make our requests known, you prepare our hearts to receive your gifts of grace.  Pour out your grace upon _____ in the coming time of surgery and recovery.  Kindle within her the healing flames of your Spirit’s power.  Rekindle the fires of faith, that where there is doubt, she may find trust, and where there is fear, she may remember the marvels of your amazing, faithful love.  In the name of Jesus we pray. (47)

Holy God,
We are in awe of the myriad ways you bless us so abundantly, especially when we are in the midst of dark and uncertain times.  We thank you for your amazing grace that wraps us in your tender mercies and sets us down in green pastures. We pray your tender mercies for _____ today as she undergoes the surgery to repair her broken/torn _____.  
Bless her through the medical teams attending her and let their hands be the hands of Christ upon her.  Be with_____ as she waits by her side in love and concern, and lead them both to the green pastures and still waters of your healing comfort.  Untangle the knots of their family situation and bring them all into a sense of waiting stillness, even as you continue to lead them all in the love and light of Jesus Christ.  In Him we pray. (48)

O Thou Our Vision,
Thy Spirit's breath is the source of all insight, all wisdom, and all glimpses of the Promised Land.  How we praise Thee for the great gift of faith that helps us see what cannot be seen, and helps us hope for things that not yet are!
We pray this day in faith and hope that all will be well with _____'s eyesight. We thank Thee for the wisdom and skill of the medical teams that are caring for her and making it better vision possible. We ask Thy healing blessings may flow gently through her as she waits upon Thy good will and mercy at this critical time.  In the light and peace of Christ we make this prayer. (49)

O Endless Breath of Life,
You blow upon chaos, and behold there is order.  You blow upon darkness, and behold there is light. You blow upon dust, and behold we come into being for a span of days and years according to your Plan that is not ours to know or understand. 
We pray today especially for, _____ , as she seeks your healing through surgery.  Lessen her pain, her suffering body, and flagging spirit and breathe new life upon her according to her needs and your abiding mercy.  And fill her cup to overflowing with renewed energy and health that her song of praise and thanksgiving may continue to sound aloud the amazing joy and dazzling light of your never ending love for her and for all of us--your creatures, great and small.  In Christ we pray. (50)

Before a Child’s Surgery (51-52)
God of Hope,
            We are grateful for the faith you give us to believe that your good will and mercy prevail over all of life's challenges.  Hear our prayers on behalf of little _____ as she undergoes her surgery.  May your healing Spirit work through her surgical teams, medications, and nurses according to your gracious will and mercy.  And tenderly comfort her parents _____ and _____and their family as they hold her in their hearts and prayers.  In the peace of Christ we pray. (51)

O God our Rock,
            We are grateful for the precious life of little _____ and for the great love and joy she brings to her family.  Hear our prayers for her and her family as she undergoes her surgery and therapies that her way may be made safe.  May your healing Spirit work through the medical and rehabilitation teams, her medications, and the love of those who pray for her.  Give her little body the strength and perseverance she will need for this journey into full recovery.  Ease her pain and comfort her fears and those of her parents.  And bless them all now and in the difficult time ahead with the light and peace of Christ. (52)

After Surgery (53-59)
God of Love,
            In grace you remember the afflicted and whisper hope and life in our darkest hours.  Whisper now to your daughter, _____.  We thank you for her safe passage through the perils of surgery. Let your Spirit bring healing on its wings and bless her in her recovery and treatments.  And may the care she receives be as the healing hands of Christ upon her, that she may find all that she needs.  In Jesus we pray. (53)

God of All Hope,
            We thank you that by your faithful care and goodness _____ has made it safely through her surgery.  We ask you to bring her into a full recovery of health as you continue to be a powerful source of comfort to her.  May your healing touch be with her through her caregivers and through the love and prayers of all who wait by her bedside.  And lead her always along your paths of peace.  In Christ we pray. (54)

Loving God,
            We offer to you our deep gratitude for the myriad ways you restore us by your grace, heal us in your mercy, and bless us beyond our understanding with your hovering Spirit.  Continue to rain down your blessings upon our sister, _____, as she recovers from her recent surgery.  Send your healing Spirit to meet her every need and let the peace of Jesus be upon her like a shower of grace in a desert wilderness.  In Christ we pray. (55)

Ever-watching God,
            How grateful we are for your abundant mercies upon ____ throughout her life, but especially at this time of surgery.  You have brought her safely through the operation into this time of recovery.  We see the hands of Christ upon her in the excellent care of her medical team we thank you. May your Spirit enfold her even as your grace upholds her to heal and strengthen her in the days to come.  In Christ we pray. (56)

Most Gracious God,
            We bless you for the signs and wonders of your grace that are upon _____ through her caregivers, medicines, and rehabilitation.  We rejoice at the healing that she has experienced and thank you for her returning strength.  Continue to pour out your Spirit upon her to bless her with all she may need as you sprinkle her heart with hope as you keep her strong in faith and joy.  In the peace of Christ we pray. (57)

Great God our Shepherd,
            You go before us in the darkest valleys and bring us beside still waters of peace.  Thank you for your guiding hand upon _____ during her time of surgery and for bringing her back among the living.  Continue to bless her as she goes through this time of recovery toward a new beginning.  Restore her vitality as you light up her nights with the Spirit's power and cradle her days within the peace of Christ.  In Jesus we pray. (58)

Holy God,
     It is by your grace that we live and move and have our being.  It is by your faith in us that we are able to see the world with your eyes and to rejoice. Thank you for your countless blessings upon our sister, _____, especially for the science and medical care that is enhancing her vision and increasing the quality of her life.  Bless her during this time of recovery, according to your grace and good will.  In Christ we pray. (59)

Intensive Care or Isolation (60-61)
Merciful God,
            Because nothing escapes your ever-watching eyes, we rest confidently in your promises to keep and to bless. We pray for our sister, _____ at this traumatic time of intensive care/isolation.  Blow your Breath gently upon her and touch her as we cannot.  Dispense your healing goodness through her medications, machines, and the loving hands of those that tend to her needs.  In Christ we pray. (60)

Our Maker from Whom Nothing is Hidden,
            You give us love, give us faith, and give us the light of Christ, even when we are unable to respond to it. Shine that divine light now upon your daughter, _____, and supply her with all that she may need.  May the healing power of your Holy Spirit be upon all who are tending to her, and the sweetness of the peace of Jesus be upon her family as they await her healing.  In Christ we pray. (61)

Awaiting Organ Transplant (62-63)
Abiding Wisdom,
            Throughout our days, you teach us how to wait upon you, to recognize that all things are in your hands, and that we are helpless in our limitations and humanity. It is especially difficult to wait when pain and fear nip at their heels and the hope for new life seems so far away.
Have mercy, O God, upon _____ and her family as she awaits the donation of a _____ (organ)!  Bless her and those who love her with enough strength to endure what must be endured.  Hear our prayers for all those who give the gift of new life through this process, and all of the medical personnel, pharmacy researchers, and medical teams that donate their time, skills, and compassion in bringing it about.  In gratitude and hope we pray.  (62)

And all in the crowd were trying to touch (Jesus), for power came out from him and healed all of them. Luke 6:19

Power of Life,
            We are grateful for the gift of life each day, especially of your beloved child _____.  She raises her “alleluias” for your goodness and mercy that never fails. As her health continues to decline, she is thankful for the possibility of a new ____ even if it is not to be.  Continue to bless her with your gracious touch through the healing spiritual power she is discovering on this journey, as she prays with Jesus in all things, “Thy will be done.”  (63)

Transplant Recipient and Donor (64)
God of New Beginnings,
            We thank you that _____ has now received her long-awaited _____(organ), and we ask your healing blessings as her body struggles to accept it as its own.  We pray that the new life within her may not be rejected.  Work through the wisdom of her medical team, her medications, and her determination. We pray for the family whose great loss has brought this incredible miracle of new life, and we thank you for their willingness to give such a precious gift.  Hear the voices of the members of both families who cry out to you now in sorrow and joy.  In Christ we pray.  (64)

Two Patients in One Family (65-74)

By day the LORD commands his steadfast love, and at night his song is with me, a prayer to the God of my life.  Psalm 42:8

O Song in the Silence
            When the noise of the world is muted by deep concern and growing fears, you’re the music of the spheres swells in our souls as you steadfast love and mercy becomes the heartbeat of our hope each day.
            We pray that your symphony of prevailing grace and peace will meet every need of _____ and _____ each day.  Where they may be weak, grant them strength from above.  Where they are uncertain, be their guiding wisdom. And let them hear you song of amazing grace each day be the sweet sound of their salvation.  In Jesus’ name. (65)

O Eternity of Compassion,
            You call us to pray so that others may be blessed in their bodies, their faith, and their hope.  And so we pray for _____ and _____ as they both struggle with poor health. Be with each of them to bless and restore them according to their need and your good will and mercy.  And touch them with your healing Spirit as you lead them in the light and peace of Jesus our Savior.  In Christ we pray. (66)

O Refuge from the Storm,
            Your amazing grace nurtures our bodies and spirits in the midst of difficult times, and so we lift up before you the special concerns of _____ and _____.  Be a sanctuary of hope amidst of the storms of physical disability.  Nurture them according to your good will and mercy.  Bless them with all they may need, and settle the peace of Christ upon them as your daily benediction.  In Christ we pray. (67)

Great God of all Blessing,
            Your goodness triumphs even in dark and chaotic times and so we lift before you the needs and concerns of _____ and _____.  Stranded in the midst of two stormy illnesses, their need is great.  Guide them through this time and bless them with the wisdom, strength, and courage they need each day.  Pour out your healing Spirit upon them and fill them with the peace of Christ.  In your mercy we pray. (68)

Compassionate God,
            You invite us to call upon your Spirit for guidance, strength, and courage in all circumstances. We pray at this time for your children _____ and _____ in their hour of need.  As they each must undergo a time of uncertainty and testing, let your face shine upon them, that their darkness may be filled with the light of Christ.  And bless them with the peace that passes all understanding each day.  In Jesus' name we pray. (69)

O Hovering God,
You give us cause to bless your name through all of the circumstances of our days, for you strengthen us in our weakness, encourage us in our unknowing, and comfort us in our times of shaking fear.  Our gratitude runs deep and our praise is lifted high as we spend our days and nights embraced by your amazing grace.
We pray now for _____ and _____ as they continue to find themselves in challenging circumstances. Bless them, bless them as they seek your wisdom and guidance each with their own disease.  Give them all they may need each day as they consult with the medical teams, their family, and friends, that they may find the pathway of renewed health and energy.  And if they find that pathway blocked, be their signpost, compass, and guiding star for whatever steps await them.  We pray in the love and mercy of Jesus, your face that shines upon us in darkness and in light, now and forevermore. (70)

O God of All Mercy,
            Your great canopy of love and mercy stretches from generation to generation.  We seek your healing hand upon _____ and _____, now in need of the restoration of health and hope.  Call forth new life from their ailing bodies and sagging spirits.  Tent them with the joy of your salvation and let them rest secure wrapped within your abundant compassion.  Through Jesus, the Beloved One, we pray. (71)

Ever-Listening God,
            You hear the cries of our hearts’ desires and respond to our pleas with grace and mercy.  Hear our prayers on behalf of our dear _____ and _____ as they go wade through the treacherous waters of illness.  In your mercy, touch them with your Spirit’s healing breath and restore them according to your good will.  And lead them to health and serenity as they follow in the steps of Jesus.  In Christ we pray. (72)

God of Heaven and Earth,
            Within your Reign of goodness and mercy, you bestow faith to see your unseen presence, you offer strength to endure what cannot be changed, and implant courage to begin again.  You have given these gifts in abundance to _____ and _____ and for that we are most grateful.  We ask that your healing grace will continue to overflow upon them now, so their spirits may abound in joy and hope.  In Christ we pray. (73)

The LORD went in front of them in a pillar of cloud by day, to lead them along the way, and in a pillar of fire by night, to give them light, so that they might travel by day and night.  Neither the pillar of cloud by day nor the pillar of fire by night left its place in front of the people.  Exodus 13:21-22

Guiding Pillar,
            All along our way, you’ve been with us.  Even now, O Lord, your Spirit goes before us to guide our steps and light our way.  How we thank you for your abiding presence with us, especially when we are wandering in the wilderness of illness and disease!
            We thank you for your faithfulness to _____ and _____ as they both continue to struggle with their health and mobility.  Be with them now as they step out in faith into this next part of the journey with you.  May these new procedures be part of your healing hand upon them, and may their new care facility be a sanctuary of grace and peace in the midst of their struggles.  In the love and hope of Christ. (74)

Thanksgiving for a Good Report (75-78)
God of Hope,
            We are so grateful for your merciful presence with us in times good and bad, and for your abundant goodness that fills us with your grace.  Our hearts overflow with thanksgiving for the good report our sister-in-Christ, _____, has received from the doctors.  Continue to bless her with growing health, good energy, and great hope for her journey.  And lead her in the ways of Jesus each day.  In Christ we pray. (75)

O Giver of All Goodness,
We do heartily thank you for your faithfulness to us and to this world you love so dearly.  And we thank you especially for the good news that _____ has received from her medical team.  Continue to meet her every need according to your good will and mercy.  Bless her and her loved ones each day that they may know your Spirit’s blessings each day.  In Christ we pray. (76)

O God of Good News,
How we thank you for your steadfast love and faithfulness in good times and in bad?  You have provided encouraging results from _____’s test and we are most grateful. We pray now for her and her family as they celebrate this new lease on life.  Continue to wrap her in your Spirit’s tender care.  And make your face to shine upon her as she joyfully follows in the steps of Jesus each day.  In Christ we pray. (77)

Compassionate God,
            Your care and peace are our hearts’ desire, for in your love and mercy we find meaning and hope for each day.  With hearts full of thanksgiving, we bless you for the good report our sister-in-Christ _____ has received from her doctors.  We are so grateful for her growing energy and for the hope with which she now journeys toward tomorrow.  May your abiding presence guide her in peace each day.  In Christ we pray. (78)

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